CFL THEME SONG is back!!!

The famouse CFL song is coming back! The song during it’s prime was familiar for CFL fans the same hockey fans heard ‘THE HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA SONG’

The old classic '80s and early '90s CFL theme song that was played during part CBC and CFN broadcasts will be returning to TSN. Apparently the CFL owned it’s rights when CFN partner let it go in the mid '90s. No idea how TSN thought of bringing it back, but I just found out and actually this is the best off season news I got!
It’s funny how this song was soooooo imune to watching CFL broadcasts with the off beat sound like hockey night in canada and commercial breaks, and ending credits, remember THE TRADITION CONTINUES segway.

I’m sure most who have been around the CFL like me knows which song i’m talking about.

TSN just keeps buying our nations best music.

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fast forward to 1 minute 8 seconds

You know this how?

Nice clip, like the song a lot, be nice if this did come back. :thup:

Can't say I care for it. The orange jackets on the other hand...

Brings back memories for sure. If CBC gets it back, it would be good to hear that again.

That old CFL on CBC theme song was great!

Yeah its nice but CFLcoast2coast claimed TSN is bringing it back. Any truth to this?

You can't just start a rumor, leave no link or semblance of proof whatsoever, and expect people to believe you. Please provide a link that supports this rumor CFLcoast2coast, so that we can trust you rather than the way it currently sits. I don't believe anything on here anymore unless supported by 'official' looking media reports.

Bring in the ghost of Pat Marsden!

Ol Pat, there was a guy. And John Wells but I think he's a CFL basher now if I'm not mistaken.

Why would anyone make something, so trivial, like this up?

Sometimes people just want to be the bearer of news so they hear something and pass it on regardless of validity. At worst this is the case. At best CFLcoast2coast knows someone at TSN..

It's a pretty decent tune. I heard some pretty sweet Saxaphone in there. It's very 80's though. I want something a little more hardcore that will get me jacked up to watch some football.

anything is better then the tsn friday night song. thats the worst peice of dog dung ever.

I'm not a fan of that either. Something more like a Neptunes production would sound good.

totally agree :thup:
Sounds like something a high school band came up with.

i would like to see something good for sure. i think when it comes to sports, it seems like ochastra music is the most popular( i ahte to admit it but, the nfl theme is good). or maybe something with a clasic feel. anyhting but the "its football on friday night." even if a popular hard rock/metal song was used. might get the attention of the younger audience.