CFL-The National POST

When searching for CFL news I would suggest to fans that The National Post is,in my opinion,the best newspaper going. Today, for example,the Post has a rundown on each CFL team with two pages of CFL news.The Post is also good with CIS material.It is the one newspaper that gives priority to the CFL rather than the NFL.

Well the Asper's control the National Post and David Asper is a former Blue Bomber Chairman, so there is inherent CFL support there.

thanks i will seek a subsription to the - NATIONAL POST and if your interested in CIS

I will start picking up a copy of this more often, thanks hasall.

Bought a copy of the post today. Great coverage of the CFL. Although why its after basketball I don't get?

Bought the Globe as well. As usual wall to wall baseball. Yawn.

Oh man, The Globe is bad, I will never, ever buy a copy again. Just looking at a copy today at the library again and for the standings under football, the NFL is the first one listed in bigger letters than the CFL. Fine, they can do what they want but I will never buy another copy until they give the CFL first class status.

Berezen, you trashed the Post a few weeks ago saying how terrible its CFL coverage is and how its all American sports. Your so fickle and negative all the time. Can you ever enjoy yourself or are you always complaining? Seriouly look at all your posts. Its always these guys hate the CFL, these guys have bad coverage, these guys this, that. You assume, and presume, speak for other people. You were all ready to jump all over McCowen today I could tell. But thank god he mentioned the CFL, phew, or we would get another argumentative post. If you did some research McCowen is a huge CFL fan, has Argos tickets and is on the Grey Cup board. We all like talking sports and CFL here but just Chill a bit dude Chill.

To ArgoZ:
No, I did jump on Bob Macown. Because all they talked about was the NFL and US college for 90% of the time. And if we don't complain about the lousy CFL coverage, who will? Maybe if we complaing loud enough people might listen? Maybe my email to the Post editor had some effect? You may like to bend over and take it. I don't.

Anyhoo. National Post. Great CFL coverage. Two pages. Also 4 pages of hockey. I have to email the Post editor to congratulate him. Though still too much baseball for my liking.

Now the bad. DAve Naylor's article in today's Globe. This guy trashes the CfL. And he covers the league? Figure that one out.

berezin, just read the article. I personally wouldn't be too concerned. Dave Naylor isn't really saying anything that hasn't been said before, yawn, and he is just trying to paint as rosy of a picture as possible for an NFL game in Toronto or a team to make the article look controversial and such. If and when a game is played, the NFL will be consulting with the CFL so that it helps the CFL's image in some way, they don't want the CFL to go under. The NFL is at a crossroads and they have to bring their game internationally for fear that the other sports, which are way ahead in this respect, will even gain further global popularity. The NFL needs all the help they can get on this front - badly.

You know what is sad Earl is this guy is the CFL writer for the Globe. With friends like that, who needs enemies!

BTW. Did you check out the comment section to his article? I'm #3

I agree some of the so called writers in the media who cover the CFL regularly are pathetic.
Naylor and Scott Taylor come to mind as the two worst. Another who I consider to be the best writer in Canada, has surprised me with his very negative slant on our league, being Steven Brunt. Again, no surprise how two of these guys are from the Globe, the so called national paper.

Noticed in the print Globe today they have the CFL standings before the NFL ones. Maybe they do listen afterall. Although the front page was all about the Raptors. Can anyone tell me who the Raptors are BTW, I didn't read the article.

It is funny , THE POST has great CFL coverage and is owned by GLOBAL T.V. which shows NFL games!

THE GLOBE sucks big time and so does , THE FAN!