CFL the last 10 years ('05 included but pre '05 Grey Cup )

These are the records for the last 10 years ('05 included but pre '05 Grey Cup winner)

It is by record/winning perc./Grey Cup games/ Grey Cup Victories

Montreal 120-59-1 .667 3 1
Edmonton 103-77-0 .572 3 1
Toronto 100-78-2 .556 3 3
BC 97-83-0 .539 2 1
Calgary 93-86-1 .517 3 2
Winnipeg 78-101-1 .433 1 0
Hamilton 75-103-2 .417 2 1
Saskatchewan 69-110-1 .383 1 0
Ottawa 26-64-0 .289 0 0

Obviously Toronto and Calgary have made the most of there Grey Cup appearances. While in '05 Montreal and Edmonton will be making there 4th appearance in the last 10 years and both trying to win there 2nd Grey Cup over that time.

Every team has played in the Grey Cup in the last decade, except for the 5 year old expansion Ottawa Renegades. And there has been 6 different winners in the last decade!

"expansion"? ...As they say in Montreal, " Is that a dig?"
Yeah, Ottawa has no football history. Sure.

Relax Supersmith, it was no Dig! And I didn't realize that, that is what us Montrealers say, thanks for that!

I was merely pointing out why there were only 5 years of stats for Ottawa and why there record is so pathetic! And why they are the only team not to play in the Grey Cup in the last decade.
This topic is for the last 10 years (coincidently, since the return of the Als, and the end of the American experiment).
I am well aware of the very long and great history of the Rough Riders!
And I hope for a return of it to those great years!

The ARGOS are 3 for 3 . :smiley:

1996/97 and 2004 , all winners. NICE :smiley:

1.000% in GREY CUPS :smiley:

Doug Flutie :smiley: 8,9 years ago

and , DAMON ALLEN [2004]. :smiley: He also won a CUP with B.C. in , 2000 :smiley:

That's true about Toronto goining 3/3 and good for them. None the less, with a .667 winning percentage, winning 2 out of every 3 games played, it was a great decade for the Als!
And they can top it off with a 2nd Grey Cup Championship in there 4th Grey Cup appearance. but so can Edmonton!

The GREY CUP wins are what people remember.

Yes the Grey Cup wins are what people remember and hopefully Montreal will add another one this year.
But on top of that it has been a very enjoyable decade for Als fans, the most dominant team of the decade, and if you take away the 9-9 year in 2001 when they lost there last 9 games the Als winning percentage has been over .700. and Als fans have seen there team win a ton more games than anyone else.

P.S. It was a pleasure watching grandpa Allen and the Old Argos get dominated at home against Montreal last week. And I take comfort in the fact that 2 of Toronto's Grey Cups were 8,9 years ago and soon they won't be in the last decade standings any more! As well Toronto's winning percentage for the last decade is deceptive. In '96 and '97 Toronto went 15-3 and since then they keep getting older and worse!!!!!!!!! And when the 2 15-3 seasons are gone from the last 10 years, the Argos winning percentage will plummet like a Canadian thermometer in January :lol:

Enjoy the big game hellothere!

GRAMPA ALLEN , has won 4 GREY CUPS , 3 GREY CUP MVP’s , and probably , 1 MOP. :wink: A.C. , has won how many ? Well , maybe this time?
He did beat you last year.

1 of GRAMPA ALLEN’S , MVP GREY CUP wins was against MONTREAL , when he played for B.C.

No one really cares , about MONTREAL’s record in the regular season except , MONTREAL fan’s. :lol:

Some BUFFALO BILL fans still say that they had a DYNASTY , even though they lost 4 SUPERBOWLS, in a row. Most people just laugh at that. :lol:

So MONTREAL, had better win the 2005 GREY CUP , because to be 1 in 4 , in GREY CUPS , in the last ten years is really, really , pathetic :lol: :lol: :lol: , and the ARGOS will have still won 3 and 3…ALL of theirs. :wink: :smiley: [you can throw in , 1991 , as well] [ 4 for 4 , IN THE LAST 15 YEARS]

Have fun beating EDMONTON , in B.C. :wink: :smiley:

I prefer to look at it like this.
Allen is just about finished, as are the Argos. Montreal dominated them at home and are clearly the better team.
And ever since Flutie left, the Argos are 70-72-2 for a very nice 48.6% winning percentage in the last 8 years! :smiley:
And AC has had 4 straight 5000 plus yard seasons and has years left in him. As a matter of fact I think AC's last 4 years are the most productive in CFL history!
Enjoy Toronto's decline! I know I am.

YOU better win on SUNDAY :lol: ......The ARGOS , won first place in the EAST , HAVE 4 M.O.P. PLAYER NOMS , 11 ALL STARS.......CLEARLY, the ARGOS WERE THE BETTER TEAM THIS SEASON , [2005]. :smiley:

You can't have it both ways.....bragging about MONTREAL'S regular season in the last 10 years , but say that the 2005 season means nothing. :roll:

It does work both ways. :roll:

The question remains , will MONTREAL be the BUFFALO BILLS of the CFL , again , or can MONTREAL actually win the BIG GAME? The one that actually MATTERS.......The ARGOS are 4 and 4 in the last 15 years....What is MONTREAL's record?

Some advice. ACTUALLY WIN THE BIG game , before bragging about it.

It could just be an EDMONTON, BLOW OUT! And just another, MONTREAL CHOKE.......we will see. :wink: :arrow: :smiley:

But you can tell us about your regular season wins if you want......BUFFALO won 4 , AFC championships , and who really cares? BILLS fans , I guess. :lol: :wink: :smiley:

Montreal is clearly the best team in the East this year, at the end of the year when it counts, nobody can dispute that. Just as Toronto was clearly the best team last year at the end, depite Montreals 14-4 record.

Whether the Als win or not they will still have a .667 winning percentage in the last 8 years compared to 48.6 % :oops: forToronto.

But Sunday will tell us if they are gonna win there 2nd Grey Cup in 4 tries or if they just dominate but lose the big games 75% of the time. they are now 1/3 and they will be 2/4 or 1/4. The Bills never won anything by the way.
We will see.

Going by your own rules , you dispute it yourself as other MONTREAL fans did last year and this year about the ARGOS , " you only won because A.C. went down "

"..............We were first in the EAST , in one game any thing can happen........... " ......ect..............ect............ect..............How does it feel?

ARGOS , Ist place in the EAST , [4 MOP noms , 11 all stars]. SO was your EASTERN FINAL win , a FLUKE?


GO ESKS GO.........Again , most people don't care about winning percentage in the regular season.They do care who wins the GREY CUP.

The ARGOS are batting 1.000 in GREY CUPS. :wink:

Really you must of missed maturity class growing up!

How does it feel, it feels great!!!!! Thanks!

I would read your first post to me , and look in the mirror , little boy.

a real classy , mature post :lol: :roll: :lol: :smiley:

and I made it just for you buddy :wink:

like I said , look in the mirror , brag when you actually win , and see my "CONGRATS to MONTREAL and Third And Ten" , thread . I just bumped it up. :lol: :smiley: :arrow: