CFL territory size and NFL territory size comparisons

Huge debate and i know weve talked about this before:

Can anyone find the old topic or has any stats?

Im trying to determine population of NFL territories compared to CFL territories so my buddy can understand what im saying how they cross several states snd doesnt believe the map.

What is the territory size for cleveland and all teams in the NFL if possible in terms of population per territory?

Google "NFL Fan Areas" and you will get more than enough maps to see how big is each team's territory.


Keep in mind, as far as broadcast territories, the CFL doesn't really have them except for the blackout areas, which I think is a 20K from the stadium around it. Thankfully TSN has been very, anti-blackout.

Anyways, the unofficial CFL territories are pretty easy, except for Ontario.

Pretty much the team in that province, gets that province, except Alberta who is Alberta split in half close to Red Deer.

Ontario though is tricky, generally the Niagara corridor and an invisible line outside Burlington, heading up to Owen Sound is Ti-Cat country. Toronto extends from Oakville to Oshawa and much North of it in the Muskoka's. Last Ottawa's reach, extends all the way to Peterborough where a couple visits would lead me to think they identify much more with Ottawa over Toronto.

As far as that land of snow and rock called Northern Ontario, I can't speak but I'm to understand Thunder Bay identifies more with the Bombers

Which team claims Turks & Caicos as its territory?

Technically, it would be Montreal. Quebec and everything east is Montreal territory and I believe New Brunswick offered to bring on Turks & Caicos as part of his province should they opt to join Canada, which I think would be awesome.

They get healthcare, we get an island destination that we don't need passports to fly to. It's win win.

I think it'd be way to tough to split up Canada, you could do it by just using your logic but you likely wouldn't be correct. From my understanding the farther you get from a CFL city in Ontario the less interest you find and more NFL fans you will see.

There are teams everywhere on the map in Canada though except out in the East Coast but they can easily affiliate with Ottawa or Montreal if they really want too, even Hamilton or Toronto they kind of get a free pick. Hopefully one day that changes.

Excepting the inverse relationship with Toronto, of course. :smiley:

Agreed. Wish it could get done