CFL Television Ratings could be off by 30% studies show

According to a research company that studied the new rating system from Numeris and Nielson in the USA. Ratings could be as far off as 30%. And could increase sports ratings by 40% on networks such as ESPN, TSN, and OTA networks such as CBS, ABC, FOX , NBC, who as of 2014 have been formulating their own ratings with their partners.

Numeris, a Canadian rating agency admitted in their September conference that compiling ratings for large sporting events have become almost impossible to rate with the ever growing broadcasting changes.

Including in Numeris flaws.

  • In Canada if you have a family of 4 in a household you are only rated on the (2) and if you only subscribe to basic cable their calculation is only (1) habit x the formula Numeris uses.

  • And that is the problem as Numeris is rating SportsNet on the former platform calculations that they are included in most basic cable.

CFL is not getting the ratings as they once did calculated from people watching in bars, over at someones else, watching in an airport, watching on their computer (TSN GO) or out of the country viewing.

Also CBC Television was the first Canadian broadcaster to sign up with a private agency to record viewing ratings on both online and cable.

CBC Sports posted outstanding television numbers this summer averaging 294,000 for their weekend sports programming. That included the Calgary Stampede, World Track and Field, and other Olympic Sporting events.

Fake Action News, no where in those two articles you linked does it make the claims you make in your post.