CFL television from 1952

Found this short article describing the Television portion of the CFL from 1952. Some surprises in the growth as it discusses $$ and audience numbers. Its fun to see the evolution of this game. Here's the link

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That’s an interesting story, it’s amazing to see the growth of the CFL on TV over the years…with the 2007 article showing the CFL averaged 356,000 viewers on TSN in 2006 (the 2nd highest ever). We complain, but it’s amazing to see the growth of our great game even since 2006, averaging nearly 700,000 this season, plus all the new stadiums and great owners today. The future of the CFL looks very bright! :thup:

64th Grey Cup in 1952 / Toronto 21 Edmonton 11

That's the first thing I saw also, 356,000 "the highest ever for TSN in 2006".

You can also see the result when the Grey Cups were on free TV. Definitely could expect a much higher number if that happened. It must be the monthly fee we pay TSN/Bell to try to explain why it isn't shown on CTV. Somehow from all of the revenue, I would like to see the ownership groups pocketing 5 to 10 million every year and the players cap around 8-10 million.

Also the city involved with something this big article says it infuses $100-$120 million into a local economy. why would anyone not embrace something like this? The TO media did everything they could to diminish this game. They work so hard at it but looks as if they missed. Too bad.

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