CFL televised in the US?

Can anyone tell me what TV stations televise the CFL games in the US? More specifically, if anyone knows what stations in California? I must make the move and would like to watch while I’m there.

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I smell a meage coming for this topic.

na the last one is too far back

does anyone know if the games are played in florida
cuz i’m going down their for 2 and a half weeks, and i don’t wanna miss any games

It isn’t qiute that easy unless you stay at a hotel with Comcast of the Dish.

Thank you CBC and Thank you CFL. Growing up in the Detroit-Windsor area I always had the option of watching games on CBC, which is a benefit because we are force fed baseball. MLB is too slow and boring for me.

My favorites growing up were Brian Kelly, Roy DeWalt, Warren Moon, and the QB from Toronto years ago…His name escapes me.

Conredge Holloway maybe?

Yep, Holloway was the QB I was thinking about. I also forgot to mention the Winnipeg receiver who wore #21 I and the other WR’s back then who wore jersey numbers iin the 70’s. It was strange but a lot of CFL WR’s wore numbers like 70, 77, and 71. I wonder why that trend stopped? May the league banned the number range to wr’s perhaps?

Now those were the days.