CFL Telecasts

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Can anyone give me a satisfactory answer as to why the CFL insists on alienating fans by blacking out home TV games? What a disrespectful way to treat the fans.

Blacking out the games is not the decision of the CFL. It is a decision reached by each individual team.

unacceptable answer from jm02 - - the CFL still has to sanction such blackouts requested by a team - as it is the CFL that signs the TV contracts for the entire league. There has to be an other reason.

Might be an unacceptable answer, but that's the one I'm giving you.....

I know, I know, do not feed the trolls... but I just can not help my self.


I doubt that there is any team in the league where the revenue from TV is much more than 10% of what they take in gate revenue. Heck when concessions, sponsorship, etc are include, its closer to 5%.

So even losing a couple thousand of people a game from the stands can be very serious.

Now you can argue that showing the game locally will build audience, but it has been the experience of the teams that it does have a negative impact on attendance.

No it doesnt!
A team only has to lift 2 blackouts and there is nothing the CFL can do about it. As for the league selling the rights.....The games are still shown in the rest of the country

Dont like it? Buy a Ticket!

I can seriously understand that some people are unable, for various reasons, to attend games. This is why I think there should be Pay Per View or live streaming of blacked out games. PPV would effectively silence the critics.

In theory yes!
In reality it would affect attendance!