CFL teams' travel

I was just wondering if anyone knew how CFL teams travelled? Well actually more specifically which airline do they charter? I'm guessing it's WestJet. Although, I think all Canadian NHL teams fly with Air Canada Jetz.

Chartered flights.

I believe its mostly by train in the east, except for Winnipeg.

Hamilton books on scheduled flights with WestJet for its flights to destinations Winnipeg and westward. I imagine a couple buses would be chartered for Toronto and a VIA Rail is used to get to Montreal or Ottawa when they feel like playing...

I imagine a similar arrangements are made for the Argos and Alouettes. I'm not sure what typical travel arrangements would be for the western clubs...

Ticats Do Bus to Toronto then Trains to Montreal
They Fly to rest of the Stadiums

Thanks alot for the replies guys.

Riders fly everywhere, although I don't think they charter anything.

My Son was on a Westjet flight with the Lions several years ago on a trip from Calgary....It was a normal flight.