CFL teams scout Chris Simms

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Toronto, Calgary, and Winnipeg scouts at Patriots vs Bucs game over the weekend. Don't think he'll come north though.

Simms hasn't been the same since he ruptured his spleen.

How would you know that? he hasn't played a game since, the reason being they signed Garcia.

Maybe Garcia is the guy on the bubble. I think if Greg Mohns and Jim Barker were there, they were looking at other players beside Simms.
Only one team could have him on their neg list anyway.

Xavier Lee
He was a Quarterback for Florida State, and was recently on the Baltimore Ravens this summer as a QB/TE, but recently was released. And looks to come to Calgary so not sure what Bark is up too down there. But Simms is not in the future with the Stamps.

ive been watching pre-season games. the bucs are my fav. team i follow them pretty closely.

He got cut this weekend.

he will end up dallas, plus he needs reps, so cfl wont be a good option right, he would have to learn rules, ratios, systems and new aspects of the game.

More like a bunch of fat guys hanging out in Florida on company expense accounts...

cfl scouts are lazy, they always go to warm weather cities to sample on the food, and they always bring back useless NFL busts like david boston, andre rison, dexter manley, onterrio smith, etc.

The only place I've ever seen CFL scouts when I'm at CIS games is in the beer tent. LOL!

Yeah, that tropical mecca that is Minneapolis....

Xavier Lee is going to be joining the Stamps in a week or so. Simms is not in the Stamps plans.

acutally they probably found onterrio
at some airport using his whizzinator.