CFL team's Off Season Workouts

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The Ticats workouts will be held at Ivor Wynne Stadium this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

I want to check out their on field sessions..I wonder if the public is allowed..and what times are they?

Scott [Mc Naughton] can you give my answers to these questions.

I'd like to attend as well, info would be greatly appreciated.

Hey guys

This week's activities will not be open to the public.

Everyone will be welcome to come out and observe practice once we begin training camp at McMaster and regular season practices at Ivor Wynne.

Too bad, I need my football fix. Thank you though, Scott

NFL Draft is this weekend anyways …

So I was not planning to go …

I wish they would have been open to the public, but I can understand why they aren’t.

I really can't understand why, Banshee. Once every 10 or 15 years you hear about a spy. Preseason, huh?

Drew Edwards will be looking into this for us. Here's what I said in the Spec online edition today.

Thanks for looking into this, Drew,

It's been a long time since I have seen these guys.

If the team is able to work out outdoors at Ivor Wynne and fans are not allowed go inside and sit down,

all that does is make it more inconvenient to watch the workouts.

We can still watch the workouts through the frost fence on Balsam, spies, included.

I can understand it because we have 2 new co-ordinators and they obviously have different playbooks (I HOPE!) so I can see why they might not want people in there clearly hearing what they are saying and such.

I am very glad we are taking advantage of this opportunity though. It gives us a leg up.

The Ti Cats will have talent that haven’t been signed yet. You can imagine they don’t what other teams to see who they are until they have made up their minds on who to keep and who to let go, maybe some of the reason. Can you imagine for TillMan that would be like shooting fish in a barrel. :wink:

I'm pretty sure anyone they bring in needs to be signed.

They do, which is why i'm absolutely baffled that they haven't made a single signing in the last couple weeks.

that you know of that is....

I can almost guarantee you will hear about Im guessing...say at least 3 new signings after the OTA's....that in actual fact, have already been signed, just not yet announced. I think there actually might be some sort of rule now that players that teams have been holding close to their chest have to be made public post OTA's.

Welcome to 1984 by George Orwell According to the Hamilton Tigercats.
I wonder if this is a Test to help keep out of Practices for good.
More and more every year we get closer to being like the NFL.
Where fans can't come to practices or Meet a Players at all
when players start asking for money for Autographs

What Makes the CFL a Great league it's Fan Friendly
Where you go practices sit down
watch Practices then talk to players after practices
Meet and Greats and how close we are to field.

But I guess everything Changes . :thdn:

Other Thing
The Fact keeping Signings Hidden is bad PR In my Option.
If there signed no one can Steel them and we know not all these players will be at camp
so why hide them

Yep Ever year we get more like the NFL.
Welcome 1984

What the hell are you rambling on about...
The team has already said TC and practices during the season will be open. Marcel gave his reasons for closing these to the public on the scratching post if you wanna go read them. :roll:

I did Read it
Have you every heard of a Term call Spin.???
It is when people say what you Want to hear.
Sure it will be open this year but what about next year
IMO I don't Believe anything I am force Fed
I don't feel there is any reason for close them at all .
I see the reason they give as Pure BS


I wonder if they will be open to the public in 2032...
I would really like to take my kids then so they better let me in.

No one is force feeding you anything, if you don't like what there saying that's fine but say its pure BS is just stupid. This is a new thing for the teams and they want to see how it works out.

Football is a business that involves an entertainment product which is packaged and marketed as a sport. The fact that anyone has been allowed in to watch the development phase of that product ( ie: practices ) over the years was a bonus. Do you think the public is let in to watch, let's say, Elton John, Paul McCartney or Alice Cooper, go through rehearsals for a new world tour so they can develop their product and brand ?........or Disney On Ice go through their practices and rehearsals to do the same thing ?

This is a new age with cell phone cameras etc. and it only stands to reason that the practices will get increasingly discreet and secure as time goes on. As I said, it's been a bonus that anyone has been let into team practices up to now .......but it's not the public's "right" to attend.

I'm a little annoyed that we fans aren't allowed in the room while they're watching game films. That would be really amazing, really getting inside the coaches' and players' heads. I mean, a lot of us record the TV coverage of the games so we can watch it again and try to analyze what went right and wrong, but to have access to the films that the teams use, and to actualy hear their assessments would be even better.

And to sit in with the coaches and management when they're discussing team rosters? That would be even more amazing, and would provide us all with more information to back up our own opinions on players.

No? Why not? What are they trying to hide? Next thing you know, they'll be restricting access to the practices too. :x

(Reductio ad absurdum :wink: ) I'm actually surprised that practices are open to the public, especially near the end of the season.

The Club must be thrilled with CHTV helping them keep these workouts secret -- not so much as a word, never mind a picture on Hamilton's main TV sportscast on opening day of this OSW. They did show the cage fighter though, in their lead story, wearing his Ti-Cat cap. So, maybe they're double thrilled.

Onknight, I question myself sometimes wondering if you are actually a Ticats fan or if you are a spy for someone else or if you are a guy who just likes to complain.

The last number of years the Cats have had open practises. The director of football ops himself said that they would be open but still that isn't good enough for you.

I wish I had the time to go down everyday and watch practise but unfortunately I like most people have to work during the day.