CFL teams mandated to give Canadian QBs experience?

Last year, a few CFL teams had CIS QBs with them at training camp, but most didn't. A few of the articles that I've read this year seem to be suggesting that the teams are now required to bring a Canadian QB to camp. When did that happen? I'm not opposed to this initiative, but I don't recall reading anything about until I saw it in passing in recent articles.

if that were the case then Edmonton, B.C. Saskatchewan, Toronto, Hamilton and Winnipeg would have Canadian QB's at camp.

It's going to take a lot before that truly happens.

B.C. has Jordan Yantz from the Vancouver Island Raiders of the CJFL.

Toronto has Richard Quittenton of the U of T Varsity Blues.

Hamilton has Will Finch, a high school student from Burlington who will be playing with Western next year.

In addition to Montreal's 7 CIS QBs (and coaches), B.C. has Jordan Yantz from the Vancouver Island Raiders of the CJFL, Toronto has Richard Quittenton of the U of T Varsity Blues, and Hamilton has Will Finch, a high school student from Burlington who will be playing with Western next year. With half of the teams doing that this year, and other teams having done it in previous years, I don't think it would take a lot before the league decides to make all teams do it.

Sounds like affirmative action has come to the CFL.

Why? It's not like they're being forced onto team rosters. Teams aren't even obligated to keep the QBs beyond training camp. As it stands, it's essentially a coaching program. What's affirmative action about that?

You'd think he's lost his roster spot to one of those kids LMAO !

Winnipeg Blue Bombers have Khaleal Williams from the Manitoba Bisons at camp - wearing #16.

Riders also have a Canadian QB in camp, he is the PJFL Regina Thunder's QB, don't know his name.

Aaand rounding out the list,

The Eskimos have Curtis Dell of the U of A Golden Bears.

The Stampeders have Eric Dzwilewski of the U of C Dinos (in addition to having Sinopoli on their roster).

Sort of a mix of a co-op term, volunteer hours, and Take Your Kid to Work Day. Gives the kids a feel for what the pro level is like, a little experience (and more than likely a bit humbling), and incentive to keep working on their game so maybe they can make it there for real.

Well done, CFL. Well done.

Finch earned his place at training camp with his brilliant performance in the International Bowl.

Take a Canadian QB to Training Camp. Good to see the CFL is doing its part to help the underprivileged Canadian QBs out there.

Who said anything about underprivileged? It’s simply a program to provide the top Canadian quarterbacks some exposure to what it takes to be a pro in their chosen profession.

Also QB Erdman of the Edmonton Huskies.

funny I don't see their names on the list..

ok I saw Dell but there isn't even a number associated to him.

and Erdman is not on the roster.

Jordan Yantz is not on the roster so he has 0 chance.

this is nothing big, more like feeling sorry for neglecting them all these years.

There are only 3 QB’s on two teams where they even appear on the roster with a #…

Finch isn't on the roster in Hamilton either, but this isn't about these players making the teams. It's about giving them a chance to participate in a professional training camp. It gives these guys a chance to pick the brains of pro QBs and learn something. And from what I saw out of Finch on Sunday, he's making the most of his opportunity. The kid has got the goods if he continues to develop while he's at Western.

I wasn’t talking about chance. I was talking about experience. All of these guys are or will be playing for either junior or university teams, and will be returning to those teams when the time comes. CFL teams aren’t mandated to have a Canadian QB on their active or practice rosters, just to bring them to training camp. It’s purely educational, as far as I can tell. And given that one of the biggest factors working against Canadian QBs is their lack of experience, I think it’s a worthwhile initiative.

I just don’t remember ever hearing that bringing a Canadian QB to training camp was being made mandatory. Considering how popular the topic of Canadian QBs is, I would have expected a little more buzz about this than just some passing comments in a couple of stories about the participating QBs.

I dunno, I just myself would find it hard to take reps away from potential players who actually have a shot at making the team and giving them to guys who everyone knows won't be there when TC ends.

if I were the potential #2 guy and I had to prove myself to the HC to make this team, I wouldn't be too happy with a couple Juniors or non-roster players taking reps away from me.