CFL Teams Bands and Artists


Here are a few bands and or artists that represent a City and or a Province by birth. Some are born in one place, and lay claim to another city etc. I complied a list to represent each CFL Team. Here are bands or artist that represent the CFL. Please have you say on who should be on the list by team.

Here we go.

BC Lions

For the BC Lions, I will not put Bryan Adams on this list. I felt that he snubbed Canada on multiple occasions when he was touring. It’s only been in the last 6 – 7 years or so that he started to do concerts in Canada. His attendance clearly shows as it looks like he pissed off a lot of people. So, I’m going with the following:

Loverboy: Turn me Loose. Working for the Weekend.

Trooper: Raise a Little Hell.

54 – 40: I Go Blind. She La. Ocean Pearl.

Chilliwack: Fly at Night. Communication Breakdown.


I might as well pick the name that bears their name.

The Stampeders: New Orleans. Running Wild. Sweet City Women.


Brett Kissel: We Were That Song. A Few Good Stories.


The Sheepdogs: I Don’t Know. Feeling Good. The Way It Is.


The Guess Who / Bachman Turner Overdrive: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet. Share the Land. American Woman. These Eyes. Let It Ride.


Let’s go oldies for this one.

Paul Anka: Diana. Put Your Head on My Shoulder. Puppy Love.


Sam Roberts: Brother Down. Where Have All the People Gone. Hard Road.

Oscar Peterson: Anything Oscar played was beautiful. The best Jazz Artist Canada produced.


Junkhouse: Shine. Out of My Head. Praying for the Rain.


Let’s start of with the band that was called Toronto.

Toronto: What Your Daddy Don’t Know.

Rush: Working Man. Subdivisions. Fly by the Night. 2112. Closer to the Heart.

for the Lions

Jim Byrnes: 3 time Juno award winner for Blues Album of the Year.

I bet there isnt much doubt on who would be for Halifax/Atlantic/Maritimes/NS

Bruce Cockburn for Ottawa

Tommy Chong for Edmonton

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No doubt. I wrote it so I'd like to see other artists mentioned. Michael Buble etc.

For Atlantic Canada you can go with Great Big Sea, Wintersleep, Classified, my top one is April Wine. I'd also put J - Roc. Knowwhatimsayin!

no way, gotta be Stompin Tom :slight_smile:

although April Wine works

Absolutely. Totally forgot him. That's sac religious.

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no way, gotta be Stompin Tom :slight_smile:

although April Wine works


My step mother went to school with April Wine in Pointe Claire on Montreal’s West Island. I’ll go with their album “Bigger, Harder, Faster.” for the Al’s.
For Winnipeg, I’ll pick GODDO...underrated and awesome like the Bombers last season. Ottawa gets Five Man Electrical Band. I think one of its members is from Ottawa....”Signs” is the only song I know. Signs of improvement coming? That’s all I got. The Sadie’s for the Argos and their song “Another season again” For the lions I choose DOA, and their song “Something better Change”, about their o-line. The Stampeders “Carry me”..... what Bo might have to do for them this season.

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For Toronto, Gordon Lightfoot

For Winnipeg, Ray St Germain

For Sask, Tom Jackson

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Who are you, the 'Knowwhatimsayin' police ?......One of the funniest lines ever. I still chuckle.

It was like this:

Tyrone: Say in 2 - 3 times. But 80 - 90 times. It's too much.

J - Roc: What are from the department of youknowwhatimsayin? Why do countin' my youknowhatimsayins? Knowwhatimsayin.

LOL. Classic. J - Roc and Cyrus were hilarious.

I thought this thread was going to be about all the guys on different teams that make music haha.

There are a handful.

Leon Johnson (Ell Ex)

Don Jackson (Don Jayy)

Naaman Roosevelt (Name Nyce)

Drew Wolitarsky (Drew William)

I might be missing a few