CFL team with the most knowledgeable fans?

in your opinion who do you think has the most knowledgeable fans that attend a home game?

which teams fans seem to need to be reminded when to make noise, when to cheer..

which fans seem to know when and don't have to be told...

which fans are the loudest, quietest? most rowdy?

who's teams fans are the most courteous to their opponents fans?

I can see only good things coming from this topic…

Well cflisthebest, you really don't have to disguise this topic. We all know by your second post in this thread, you'll be anointing
rider fans as the most intelligent.

As chief said, nothing good will come out of this topic. Funny you have a problem with inflammatory topics when aimed at your team...

Edmonton followed by Hamilton

argos by a mile

Ottawa fans without a doubt! :smiley:


Shreveport- both in knowledge and enthusiasm

BS, Birmingham has the smartest fans.

argo fans are smartest because they dont even have to go to the games, they already know how its going to turn out, win or lose.

Definitely the most loyal considering the crap sandwich we've been fed the past few years, hamilton is 2nd for loyalty. as for knowledgeable, i cant really say ive only been to games in toronto and hamilton


It has to be Las Vegas! Speaking of which, remember when they completely butchered O Canada by singing it to the tune of O Christmas Tree? That was entertainment :lol:

I remember that one. Here is the link for others to enjoy.

[url=] ... re=related[/url]

you all have your own opinions, that's fine.

Most irritable fans? Rider fans of course. 8)

Oops, saw it was most knowledgebable fans, well, that's tough, I read the TiCats forum a lot obviously and am blown away by the knowledge of some of the posters but I'm sure every team has a real great core of them, fans who know stats of the players and what they eat for breakfast and what they wear to bed and what... ok, better stop. :wink:

I dont know about fans in the stands, but as far as websites go, has the most knowledgeable posters.

rider fans forsure!

they always know when to throw beer cans at the opposing teams benches :lol: :lol: :lol:

reality is.. rider fans are most passionate.. not most knowledgable and even the most passionate fan thing can be debated to no end.

i mean what..3 years ago thhe riders were being bailed out by the govt. most passionate fans when winning.. riders hands down.

most knowledgable..i would say all teams have knowledgable fans, ofcourse edmonton which has a stadium that seats like 50,000 may have more than a city like montreal which only seats 25000 or so.. but doesnt mean just cuz theres more, they are more knowledgable.

u really cant... go there with this topic.

a case can be made for everyone.. and for every knowledgable fan... we all have those drunken morons who think they know it all who all stand out like a green hat with an orange bill.....

I had never seen that before.. too funny... lmao..