CFL team with the least knowledgeable fans?

Thank you, thank you very much :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to say Las Vegas, didn't the franchise ride out the remaining games on the road because they couldn't get anybody to watch?

US expansion at its finest

that is correct.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I am not sure what the question means but I vote Saskatchewan Roughriders anyways!!!!!! :rockin: :roll: :cowboy:

Sadly the Argos by far
Too many people in GTA have no clue whatsoever about the Argos

All the other sports do a decent job marketing here why the Argos are in a blackhole is just ridiculous

Certainly not Calgary, because they count me among their fans. I'm gonna say BC!

if they have no clue about the argos, then they are not fans, and therefore do not qualify for any fan poll.

If you're gonna take a shot like that you'd better run a spell/grammar check first! D'oh!

BTW - it was the riders coaches and players that counted wrong, the fans had nothing to do with it. Moronic to throw counting at riders fans in relation to this thread

Yeah...we just throw beer cans. Ha!

It's equally moronic to not realize that comment was tongue firmly planted in cheek.
Sarcastic, and in reference to previous threads.

But on the topic of throwing beer cans, I prefer the dumping crap on your kickers lawn when he misses a field goal...

I tried to edit, anyways before anyone takes the previous post the wrong way, I realize a few rotten apples doesn't paint a whole fan base.

I wasnt specifically talking about you, just making a general comment for whoever the shoe fits, and it does fit a few here.