CFL team with the least knowledgeable fans?

Personally, I wouldnt touch this one with a ten foot pole :twisted: :cowboy: 8)

Riders fans, but only because cflisthebest drags them down. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do not disagree.

wow, kicking me when I can't defend myself.. how nice.

argo fans because.. quite honestly... its the least active site on this main page.

Shreveport- both in knowledge and enthusiasm

thats hardly a good reason to judge a fan base, its like saying something must be true becasue wikipedia told me so

I remember Dunigan, Schultz and Climie was asked 'who has the MOST knowledgeable fans' in one of the CFL roundtables. They all said Edmonton or Saskatchewan, except Dunigan. He went with Edmonton for overall knowledge of all the teams. He said Rider fans know the most about THEIR OWN TEAM, but very little about other teams. When asked about the least knowledgeable, all refused to answer. Hard to argue against Toronto IMHO.

I would have to say Ottawa.
I know they do not have a team right now but when they did....
Now do not get me wrong Ottawa has some good knowledgeable fans but not as much as I would like to see.
When my city hosted the Grey Cup I saw different jerseys everywhere from people from all over the country, yet I only saw 2, count them 2 Ottawa Jerseys.
There were even a heap of Baltimore Stallion fans that even took part in the parade.
Now things may change once they get a team again but until they do, Ottawa is my first pick.
Now if you want to stick with active teams, then Toronto is my first pick.

You can almost cue the teams in order by how long they have been fans.

Edmonton and hamilton fans, many have been following the team since the 60's where a team like Montreal have been and their franco Canadian followings are just 15 years old.

The question should almost be who has the most experienced fans :slight_smile:

This is my opinion from a year or so browsing the posts on these forums.


You could’ve defended yourself with this ^^ post. :lol: Besides, it was only a joke. :thup:

I would say the riders but not because of cflisthebest but because if you put the riders as an option in any poll at all even if the riders dont make sense within the context of the poll (ex. what is your annual income), it is a negative poll (ex. which team's QB has the ugliest haircut), or it is a trivia poll where the riders are a clearly wrong answer (ex. which team won the 2009 grey cup) the riders will be the most selected choice in every one of those. Id even hazzard a guess that if the province of saskatchewan were to implement a sales tax of 50% on every good and service no one would complain if it was called the roughrider tax.

The funniest is that this is true.
I havent seen polls that haven't been positively inflated in favor of the riders.

Does counting counting as knowledge 8)
jk....we won't go down that road again yet

remember the qbreceiver poll???

las vegas fan were the most dissapointing... the had A/C

doesnt everybody, except maybe the eskimoes???

The Tiger-Cats had him too before everyone threw him under the bus.Nobody was willing to wait for him to develop.Exactly what’s going on now, always gotta peel people off of Porter’s back because they were expecting the #1 QB in the CFL after less than a season of starting + coaching changes.There’s quite a few that drag down our end.Especially the “bring back Lumsden!!” and “Bo Smith was awesome”.Those two crack me up every time I read them :lol:

The Shreveport Pirates!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Rider fans for sure!