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?I remember when the different CFL teams designed their own websites. I always found that interesting and enjoyable when visiting those pages with the individual type features and designs coming from the individual organization. Those that visited other team’s websites before the last year or 2 would know what I mean. There’s just something missing now when I go to each team’s website. They’ve been overhauled and now designed similarly with the same basic features. Sure it makes it easier if you are looking for something in particular, but it also makes them all very generic and much less interesting. There’s not much sense of connection to that actual team and what they want to put out via their website, since they are all linked with this generic similarity. The NFL websites are still quite different from each other which makes them much more interesting visually and to navigate when you go to each one. Anyone else hear me on this?

Individuality is nice, but not too long ago, I came across the old Hamilton TigerCats website. It was embarrassingly bad in its uniqueness compared to what they have now. "Bush league" would not have been an inappropriate description. I couldn't believe it was allowed to stay up for so long. Thankfully, now the old address redirects to the current website.

It costs less to use the same template for each website than have each team develop their own (If all 8 teams use it, then that's one eighth of the cost. 87.5% off is hard to say no to). When league revenues are double or more what they are now (accounting for inflation) and all teams are in the black or close to it, then maybe it'll make sense for each team to go it alone. For the time being, though, I'll take high quality genericness over low quality uniqueness.

You recently came across the "old Hamilton Tiger-Cats website"? Oh really.... I'd like to get the link to that. What about the other 7 teams? So you feel that the cost for a team to run its own website is too great. Well, I agree there's some financial motive to get on board with one developer as opposed to actual costs, but I think it's more to do with the misguided idea that conventionality is better. Just like Reebok designing all the uniforms and restricting what players can wear, it takes away from the indiviuality of each city, team, player, culture, and creates a generic brand in a country that is 5,000 km wide.

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From the following article.

"In March of 09, the league's board of governors has decided to amalgamate the league and team websites to create one network of linked sites that commissioner Mark Cohon says will benefit both the league and its fans."

You can see a variety of old sites via Internet archive or Wayback Time Machine - the