CFL Team Websites

Which team has the best website design, and is the most user friendly ?

Let me sum this up for you.
In no particular order.
Sask fans will say that theirs is the best.
Toronto fans will follow by saying theirs is the best
Then Calgary and Edmonton
After that the fans of every team will say that their site is by far the best.

However there are a few people who will come thought by complimenting a web site that is not run by the team of their choice.

The Ticats has always been the best throught the last years. Calgary is now its #1 challenger.

The Alouettes' site is well below average. So is the Blue Bombers'. But the ultimate worst was last season's Roughriders non-members site. Duh!

Good grief the Bombers site sucks.

There are a couple, B.C and Calgary I believe, that have a map of the stadium. When you click on a section you get a photo of the view from the section.

Quite cool.

.........calgary and bc are very similar and pretty slick.......edmonton's is pretty good too.........I like hamilton, ottawa and montreal........toronto's is still being run by SLAM so it takes about three days to load up.......the bomber one isn't bad but could use some tuning up........and I can't give you an opinion of riderville CAUSE YOU CAN"T GET IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!.........

Yep - Riderville site definitely sucks. Can't find anything worth looking at unless you're a member, and I can't really see a reason why a member of any opposing team would be a member. Doesn't make much sense to me. . .

yah sasks sucks, clagarys last year sucked but its good this year edmontopns sukcs to

Edmontons isnt very good either, i wish they would redo it.

RnR, have you ever heard of school? anyway, I'm not sure who has the best 1, but by far WPG's is the worst. it's ugly and confusing. plus i hate the BB.

......RnR is perfecting the art of typing with his elbows so when he graduates he can teach amputees to be productive office employees, it's a noble effort so don't bug him.........

if the bombers isn't the worst i would be surprised.

Edmonton's photo gallery usually has nice action shots, but this year they only have one game posted. Calgary's is Pretty Good, BC's okay. Winnipeg..uhm, different.