CFL team vs CIty pop

No, I think you actually have a point there.

Personally, I don't know a word of French and Quebec would be as foreign to me as Russia.

Obviously Quebec is already as foreign for you as Russia. With the Nordiques, guys like Joe Sakic, Adam Foote, etc… played here without having to learn a singly word of french. I work for a service company, and there’s people living in QC city who only speack english. What do you think ? The RunningBack coming from Texas would be the Star of the GrandeAllée(Where the bars and fancy restaurant are)!! Getting all the girls and stealing the show ! So please the language argument is stretching it too far.

Yup. Not to mention all the players hang together and they all speak English, so they have their own environment.

And do you guys think Quebec City only hosts French speaking tourists? Come on. That city is the major tourism pole in the Province, so employees in bars, restaurants, and stores both downtown and in the old Quebec can speak English.

And finally I'd say that if some football players are football-hungry enough to stand the 16 pounds mosquitos in Winnipeg, they can surely stand some French-speaking hot chicks in Quebec City.

The only wimpy MORON who had any trouble with going to Quebec city to play hockey was Eric Lindros and that was his own choosing, his own paranoia and his own controversy. Had he chosen to play in QC he would have been idolized and a major star in QC and could have easily gotten by in English.
However trading Lindros to the Flyers for 5 players , draft picks and money turned out to be a fantastic move for the Nordiques,who ended up with Peter Forsberg, Mike Ricci, Ron Hextall and others and this lead to the (Avalanche/Nordiques) winning the Stanley Cup and having a great team for years.

Wow, and somebody called me a tard, Winnipeg has one of largest french speaking communities outside of Quebec, and several french emersion schools, for those of you wondering, that means all subjects are taught in french not english. Get to know the demographics of the country before you start drawing conclusions that couldnt be farther from the truth.

i think anywhere in Canada you could have teams at least in the cities in the top 20 of population.....the attendance for teams the last few years has been going up and up and seem to be going up and up ....some cities could even hold 2 teams like here in Vancouver.....the pop maybe 2.3 mill here but that doesn't include the 15 surrounding cities (another 1 mill for these) which 2 of the cities surrounding here are in the top 20 of population....if fans keep coming to the games and new fans come out the stadiums will get packed and then they'll have nocoice but to expand somewhere and really you could stick a team in any one place in the top 20

QC stands a MUCH better shot at gov't funding than any city outside of La Belle Province...

Of course I've heard of the Canadiens. I used to be a huge fan. Now I MUST cheer for my hometown Sens, but I still watch the habs whenever I can. I still have my Bobby Smith #15 sweater in my closet, next to my #18 SMITH (for slain Ottawa Sportscaster Brian Smith whose #18 hangs in the Corel Centre in memorium; he played for the LA Kings when they 1st started). God I luv my Smith relatives....strength in numbers I say.
But don't forget, when the Canadiens were born, the French Canadians of this country were, unfortunately, an oppressed people. Thank God times are changing.
I think football would be marvelous in the beautiful Old City!

prairie_pj, have you ever been to Ottawa? The majority of government jobs(both Federal and MUNICIPAL!) are bilingual. Sure there are unilingual English positions, but most require a basic knowledge of the French Language. The first greeting I get from the Commissionaires here at work is, "bonjour!", and if I'm in a good mood, I respond in French. But at least I have a choice. Go to any Restaurant in Downtown Ottawa and you are assured to be served in either official language. Have you ever been to New Brunswick? It's the ONLY Official bilingual Province in Canadal, and that was done out of respect for the wrong doings to the Acadians.
So you see, there is no language issue. American players will get along fine. It's fun trying to communicate in a different language. I've been to "Deep" Quebec, if you will, and if I've ever had trouble with the rudiments of French, they don't mind and actually appreciate the effort.
There are no language problems, only those that are perceived.
Sorry for the condescending sounding attitude. It is not meant to be.

Vive le LCF, Vive le Canada Libre!!!

sure quebec (and all of canada) is suppose to be biligual, but honestly, montreal is the only dual language city in canada. i really dont believe that a running back from texas is gonna want to play in quebec. or a slotback from alberta.

I have to dissagree with you on 2 points. The frist being the Montreal is duel language. There is far more english in Quebec city than Montreal.

The second is that no player from Texas would want to play here. We had the Expos for over 30 years and I can only remember player from Quebec.
The Canadains have plenty of non-Quebec players as do the Als and the Impact.

Lets be honest, If you have the choice between playing football in Que. or going home to flip burgers at Mickie Dee’s Which would you pick?

I work on the Quebec side, and aside from the fact that I do the sign of the cross every morning before crossing The MacDonald-Cartier bridge (because of the rotten drivers there taking my life in their hands) I don't mind working there at all. And besides, just going to MacDonald's in Quebec for lunch is like going to a fashion show with all the ladies fashionably dressed in there C.F.M. outfits.
So, if I had a choice, I would give the flippin' burgers job to some other poor sucker.

I agree with Quebic City, however do theywant one?
POPULATION and sport success are two different monsters.
CFL is a basics of life in the west,so is hockey. Daaa! ON the other hand Vancouver, has been a tough sell for cfl, basketball, baseball,because of many cultures& things to do thier.First you need good ownership and a city that has great statium,& fans that really >WANT THE SPORT. Not all cities do.CFL attendence 5 year avg. EDM 42,000 CAL36,000 WIN 28,000 REGINA 27,000 TOR 24'000 MON 23,000 HAM 21,000 VAN 21,000 OTTA 17,000 Green bay packers,Regina RR, WINNIPEG JETS, Fans wanted these teams through thick & thin..

Only give CFL TEAM to a city who really wants&needs them reguardlees of population or politics. YEs politics like,give a team to far east so thier a team in that area.The ALS WERE HISTORY ONCE. Wiat till thier have3 loosing season.Dump Ottawa,START GIVING ON A CITY BASES.........

Football is booming all over Quebec Big Time.
Quebec is producing a majority of the best Football players in Canada right now. The University of Laval Rouge et Or in Quebec City averages 17000 fans a game for CIS football, which is WAY more than anywhere else in the Country,
and Canada just recently won the World Junior Global Football Championship with 20 of the 33 Players from Quebec.
Quebec has 6 Universities in the CIS ,(3 french) U of Laval, U of Montreal and Sherbrooke and (3 English) Mcgill, Concordia and Bishops. As for our Cegep programs they are producing players that U.S. Universities are recruiting.
A team in Quebec City would have a few local French players like the Als do and they would be well supported!

[quote="brianjo"]The ALS WERE HISTORY ONCE. Wiat till thier have3 loosing season.

Why do you assume the Als fans will dump them if they have a few losing seasons?
In reality the Als have lost their most important game of the season in 8 of their last 9 years yet the fans continue to fill the stadium.

I don’t know how old you are but maybe you don't know why the Als folded in the first place. It was all because of a new owner they had whose sole purpose in life was to bring in an NFL team to Montreal. From day one he wanted to get rid of the Als. This guy did nothing for the team; it was so bad that the fans had to bring in footballs for the team to practice with. The only thing that went wrong with his plan was that he never got the NFL team.

Interesting website, ro. And upon further review, I have found Toronto to be the fourth largest city in North America, which really surprised me.

1.New York 16,000,000+
2.Los Angeles 13,000,000+
3.Chicago (about) 7,000,000
4.Toronto (

Before I get lambasted, I would like to change one word I wrote, from Quebec is producing a majority of the best Football players in Canada right now to:
Quebec is producing some of or a lot of the best players in Canada right now.
Because I know that there is some great football being played all over this Country and some great players being produced in the West and East and Ontario.
The point I'm trying to make is Football is becoming huge in Quebec, has been exploding at the junior levels,Cegep,University and Pro level for quite a while now and some people seem completely ignorant of those facts.


Interesting website, ro. And upon further review, I have found Toronto to be the fourth largest city in North America, which kinda surprised me.

1.New York 16,000,000+
2.Los Angeles 13,000,000+
3.Chicago (about) 7,000,000
4.Toronto 4,500,000+

followed closely be Philadelphia, San Fran(4 mil+), Houston, and Dallas(just under 4 mil).

I REmember all the al;s since the 50;s and always liked them.George dixion, sony wade .wally b, mike pringle, etc Attendence at big O was small at best. But present statium is very small and a couple of lossing season for any teamwith small capacity could spell disastor.Hopefully they expaned to 36,000 & put some money in bank. I did;nt no owners want NFL,&did'nt care about cfl Thought it was loosy attendence.
What happen to expo's... poor statium=poor attendence

SO we need great facilites around 35,000, with cities and fans that really.really want them & be proud of them. Develope a culture for support like Sask.

Now that you mention it, The Als are supposed to hold a press conference very soon to anounce the latest expantion.
It might even have been today. I gotta check out the news

I think Als Molson hit the nail on the head. Football is booming at the grassroots level in Quebec and I had heard that the Rouge et Or average 13 000 fans for every home game, leading the CIS in that department. Apparently it's 17 000 according to Als Molson, which vindicates all the more that Quebec City could not only support a CFL team, but also deserves one. They should call themselves "Le Sentinelles de Quebec".