CFL team vs CIty pop

Here are some up to day numbers of greater metro areas which are similar to your figures. Notice how Halifax drops. Moncton is nowhere to be seen.

1 Toronto ONT 5,202,300
2 Montréal QUE 3,607,200
3 Vancouver BC 2,173,100
4 Ottawa ONT 1,145,500
5 Calgary ALTA 1,037,100
6 Edmonton ALTA 1,001,600
7 Québec QUE 710,800
8 Hamilton ONT 710,100
9 Winnipeg MAN 702,400
10 London ONT 459,600
11 Kitchener ONT 450,000
12 St. Catharines ONT 394,900
13 Halifax NS 379,800
14 Windsor ONT 330,900
15 Victoria BC 330,200
16 Oshawa ONT 329,000
17 Saskatoon SASK 234,000
18 Regina SASK 198,600
19 St. John’s NFLD 179,900
20 Sherbrooke QUE 162,300
21 Sudbury ONT 161,100
22 Abbotsford BC 157,600
23 Kingston ONT 156,500
24 Saguenay QUE 154,200

But one issue that has to be considered is market saturation. If in theory there is only so much money the local population is willing to drop on pro sports, then you should consider for example that Winnipeg, Hamilton and Quebec have only CFL which Calgary and Edmonton have NHL.

Where Is Missassaga On Your List, It Has A Population Of Around 600,000, Also What About Ajax/Pickering

And As Far As The Laval Argument Goes, I Remember The 2003 Vanier Cup And Laval Out Drew Saskatchewan, Who Claim To Be The Most Die Hard In The Country, By Nearly 3 Times As Many Close To 15,000. That’s Pretty Good For A Canadiam College Game. And I Also Seem To Remember A Post Explaining How Easy It Would Be To Convert Laval’s Stadium To CFL Requirements.

And On A Personal Note That Whole Thing With Shaving Your Women … It’s A Little Wierd

Mississauga/Oakville is included in the metropolitan Toronto/GTA as is Pickering and Ajax. So is Brampton. I would guess Burlington is with Hamilton?

Wait a second - the 2003 Vanier Cup was in Toronto between Laval and Saint Mary’s. I was there. Do you mean the semi-final bowl game that year?

I have no problems with the Maritimes getting a team, great if they can. But as for Quebec City, there would instantly be a huge rivalry between the 2 teams and cities, that would become a war, once the teams were both similar in talent.
The exhibition game a few years ago was not well publicized and hyped like the Atlantic Bowl was and they knew that they would be paying to see a bunch of backups play in the first exhibition game. I don’t put much importance in that. I think if they had an owner and got Gov. and University help with expanding there stadium, they would be ready to go. They have the population, they will have some French local Football players to cheer for.

Als Molson put the finger on it. I was there at the exhibition games, as a true fan i couldnt miss that in my town. Publicity wasnt nothing as close as the Atlantic Bowl. There was nothing nothing special around the game, no pre-game show, etc… We paid the BIG price (70$ if i remember correctly) for an exhibition games. Overall i was pretty satisfy, as my Als beat the crap out of the Renegades(litterally, as Phillion and a couple of others got involve in hard fight!!!).

A franchise in Quebec can work, it just have to be done the right way. Like it was done in Montreal, with a huge team involvement in the community. If the peeps here feel the commitement, you’ll have one of the best crowd in the League. Just ask the teams who visits the R&O about the crowd in the QC PEPS. :slight_smile:

Relax folks. I was only kidding about the shaving thing. Gotcha. The point I was trying to make is that my gorgeous,as most French Canadian women are, wife is French Canadian. :oops:
On the actual football discussion of having a team in Quebec, you have to wonder why the Canadian gov’t hasn’t pushed to have a visibly “CANADIAN” Football League team in Quebec City (their “Nation’s Capital” as the signs indicate when entering that fine City, you have to see that to believe it). Or for that matter, if the “CANADIAN” in CFL would be a sore point to most Quebec Nationalists there.

Actually Halifax went up one, it’s just that the original list went from 9 to 14, ommitted Kitchener, London, etc.

Dont forget that was done in retaliation to the sponsorship program(at the peack of it), when the province was flood by federals adds. The sovereignist governemnt of the moment retaliated with that kind of stuff. It was the war of the flags. That kind of stuff happen in NewFoundland last year, not at the same level though. You should see the PEPS where the R&O play its football, there’s Canada adds everywhere, and people dont burn them. People here dont take that seriously. We are like every Canadian, we want to live well and free.

But dont you think you push too far by going into politics ? We are great peoples, and anyone of you would have great fun at our Tailgate party ! When we have our team, the first beer is on me ! :smiley:

OK, here I am finally back online, thanks to an email to the league to get me a password, and I’m going to again sound like a CFL novice. I know that the 9 cities currently with teams either always had them since god knows when or where ressurected, Montreal via Baltimore, Ottawa via expansion, and I also know about the ill fated U.S. expansion teams, other than all of those, has there ever been other citiies represented by a CFL team, say post 1960 to make this an easier question to answer, and if yes, since I’m not Canadian, could you let me know if any of those teams where located in the Maritimes. :?:

Ever heard of the Montreal CANADIENS hockey club? I don’t hear Nationalists complaining about that!
But I have to agree with you about the Federal Gov. should want to get QuebecCity in the CANADIAN Football League.

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lol, maybe a cut-out of the armpits. T&T, you’ve overtaken my favorite poster instead of BigDave and R&W. Too bad that comment on the cheerleaders got deleted. that was funny too.

Halifax did technically have a franchise in the '80s (KK’s beloved “Atlantic Schooners”) but since we had no stadium (and still don’t) they folded rather quickly. As far as I know, that was the only canadian team other than the current 9 (except that at one point Hamilton had 2 teams).

To be honest, I never thought the CFL was really serious about their Halifax “expansion” back in the 80s. There was an owner, and the “franchise” had a name and a logo; but there was no stadium, no staff, no players…and I think the rest of the league looked on it as sort of a joke; a pipe dream of a bunch of Maritimers who dared to consider themselves to be our equals.

Of course this was the same CFL that decided the best way to market the league was to black out its games, that they didn’t want kids to be a part of the fan experience, and that the public owed them their support.

Now the league is smarter, and a lot more serious about it; I believe it’s only a matter of time before it’s a reality.

Beyond that, CFL_NEPATS_FAN, no Canadian cities that don’t currently have a CFL team have ever had one. (Teams from other cities used to challenge for the Grey Cup, but that was prior to the formation of the CFL, and long before 1960.)

Thanks for all the info guys, now if some of my football fan brethren could put aside their arrogance and embrace the CFL, we could discuss U.S. expansion again, but thats just a pipedream of mine, but put a team in the Maritmes please, I know myself and most of my Fellow New Englanders would be proud of them, after all a large portion of us Migrated from the Maritimes or Quebec, and visit during the summer, a chance to watch a game would be great, especially since in a NFLCanada poll the maritimes sopport our NEPATS, I’m sure we’d oblige and support the Maritime entry! :smiley:

Acording To That Definition Soon Toronto Will Take Ovre All Of Southern Ontario. I Can Consider Vaughn And Markem Part Of Toronto But Pickering Ajax Is As Much It’s Owe City As Victoria Is From Vancouver, Or Niagra Falls Is From St. Catherines.

You Might Be Right About The Vanier Cup, I Remember For Sure That It Was One Of The Huskie Teams, And I Remember Walking Through An Interview That Was Being Conducted In The North Fan Zone. But My Point Was That Laval Had The Biggest Fan Base That I Had See At The Dome, Even Out Drawing Saskatchewan, Either That Year Or The Year Before.

Your folks are right. The rivalry itself would garantee team survival. Between Montreal and Quebec that is. Arguably the best hockey rivalry ever. No offense people, but the Vendredi Saint game has no comparative in the hockey world.

As far as the CFL in Quebec : would it annoy sovereignists? The answer is no. Montreal francophones proportionaly are more sovereignist than Quebec City francophones, and I have to say the Montreal sovereignist crew loves the Alouettes and the Canadiens.

And for the National Capital thing, you have to note that our Provincial Assembly is called National Assembly, and it isn’t dependant on the sovereignist movement or anything like that. It’s more about Quebecers seing themselves as a people/nation.

By the way, have a nice CFL season. Beware of the birds, they just made worms out of the Gades.

I was at the game, and it was no big deal. It was to be expected. Actually I’m glad Matthews went into this game with a Playoff Game mentality. Some of the Rens really stepped up. Everything was going fine for the Als until Ted “HEY HEY HEY Fat Albert” White came in for you guys. What a bum. You guys are really in trouble if Calvillo goes down.
And it was funny to see Kerry Joseph get up after a cheap late hit, look the Al’s player in the eye, and tap him on the head as if to say thanks for the extra yards. What a classy player we have.

I also couldn’t believe the Als players cheering on the far side whenever one of our players was hit hard. Unbelievable, they were on the other side of the field, and we thought there was a whole section of Al’s fan that bussed into the game. Just one more reason to hate them.

i dont think a franchise would work in quebec city besides the size for one reason: american and some canadian players would not want to play in quebec city. and that reason being the language.

sure quebec (and all of canada) is suppose to be biligual, but honestly, montreal is the only dual language city in canada. i really dont believe that a running back from texas is gonna want to play in quebec. or a slotback from alberta.

so this would hurt the franchise from winning, and therefore a loss of fans (they only like winners in montreal at least) and a loss of money, and an end of the team.

the same thing happened with players who played for the former nordique. and there is many stories of players having trouble in the world football league in europe.

anywho, this being said, i could be completely wrong.