CFL team profits

I saw how the Riders did this year, as far as revenue and profits go, does anyone know how the other teams did?

Being privately owned, I don't think they announce the profits like for the community owned teams. I could be wrong though

David Braley was whistling the tune "I'm in the Money" as he was walking down Georgia Street.

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Like ro1313 pointed out, I'm not sure if the privately owned clubs have to announce anything. UNOFFICIALLY, the local radio talk show guys have talked about the Lions making a profit the last couple of years. Again, no substance or backing to these claims.

How much did the community owned teams make?

Winnipeg may have lost money 2007 season, but im not sure. Or if they did make a profit it wasn't huge. there was an article in the Free Press about it awhile ago.

That's not good. Didn't you guys have a bunch of sell-outs?

I read in the paper today that the cost of consulting for the proposed new stadium is what will make them possibly lose money.

One thing that bother me a bit is the issue around home playoff games. I understand that Winnipeg did not pick up the option to be responsible. This means that the league would be on the hook if money is lost, and with no finanical incentive to push ticket sales for the game, the home team can just let it ride.

Now I guess the opposite could be argue, that why should the home team get all the revenue? To me it should be one way or the other. Either it should always be the responsibility of the home team or always the league responsibility. The way it is now, the home team can take advantage of the rest of the teams.

The Bombers just released their financial statement for the 2007 season.

The good news in the past virtually all teams lost money, now at least the vast majority are either making some or a breaking even proposition.

If the Bombers were a private business, that $200,000 loss could easily be a $500,000 or even $1,500,000 profit, depending on accounting procedures. Similarily the Riders could of generated a $6M to $7M profit last year, rather than the $1.7M profit announced...(their spending increasing nearly $7M over last season). The Esks most recent financial statement showed a $200,000 profit, but with an Operating Fund of $5M, a Stabilization Fund of $9M and a Reserve Fund of $15M.

Similarily the Lions and Stamps probably made money the last few seasons. David Braley said he made a "couple of million" in GC 2005 and attendance has steadily increased since then. The new owners of the Stamps wouldn't of paid over $6M for their franchise if it was a money loser.

As far as the East goes, they probably all lose money. Some reports paint a rosier picture in Mtl with high ticket prices and strong local sponsorship. But their saving grace is the stadium expansion to 25,000. The Ti-Cats at least have a sweetheart deal at Ivor Wynne which cost them nothing to rent and even generates some income. But I would imagine that ticket revenue and local sponsorships are the lowest in S. Ontario, Canada's most populous region.

Montreal makes money. Their broadcast and sponsorship deals is rumored to be as big as a few other teams combined. Plus, their average ticket prices are by far higher than the rest of the league.

That's true, I recall reading how the Als corporate sponsorship deals are an envy for all teams. Close to a whopping $10M annually.