CFL Team Podcasts

Fine, so I can't watch CFL games here in the States because of whoever's fault...I dont have access to AmericaOne's crappy feeds, nor do I have ESPN360 access (I'm bundled up with Qwest, and it would cost too much to change to one of ESPN's "preferred" ISP's). Honestly, I hate broadband feeds anyway...I want to watch it on TV!!! WAAAAHHH!!!

OK, rant over...One thing I do like is listening to CFL games over my iPod as I drive around Phoenix, AZ...So far, I've only been able to ID one team podcast, that of my beloved BC Lions. Here's the link:

BC Lions Game Podcasts (

The Argos USED to have a really nice podcast, but it appears to have been disconnected...The Ti-Cats have one, but their last content was added in Nov '07.

Does anyone know of any other up-to-date game or analysis podcasts? If so, maybe we could sticky link a list (like Ro did with the radio broadcast list).