CFL Team Name Change

I believe that after next weeks game there could be a name change from RedBlacks to BLACK AND BLUE!

Keep the red in there - I'm sure some of their guys will end up bleeding... lol

OK, how about as they would say in Great Britain and Australia--"Bloody" BLACK AND BLUE.

Happy they won and did not give up. A total team win. Masoli played smart and did not make many mistakes. I hope Sink will be able to go next week. Looks like Norwood is done :cry:

:thup: :thup: thats gold jerry!

Speaking of name changes, we are the "Hamilton Underdogs" now. Or maybe Undercats?

But that's fine, it's a role that suits us. It was weird when we were the favourite. Sure hope the Hamilton Undercats lay a beat down on the Ottawa RedBlackandBlues, aka, the Ottawa Rejects. :wink:

Well RB fans are slowly becoming the most annoying, what are they going to do when hank retires his whiney old self?

I’m enjoying this win, but if you think we can beat the RB 's in Ottawa you ae smoking something. I am going into
this game sunday with a negative feeling, so I won’t be depressed when we lose. And relieved if we win.


As long as the Team doesn't go into the game with a negative feeling there is a positive chance that you will be able to relieve yourself after the game.

Playoff experience and dealing with adversity (not that TO didn't have tough times this season) counts for something as we saw yesterday. Ottawa as a team has no playoff experience and has had a "charmed" season. I heard a comment today about the possibility of becoming too comfortable with winning and lulled into a sense of accomplishment (as in, we've got this one sewn up) which could happen with Ottawa. I won't count the Ticats out unless it becomes absolutely evident late in the game that they can't score enough to win.