CFL team in Saskatoon?

Valid point, hadn't occurred to me................

Without knowing the city, other then it is far enough away from Regina and the population is greater, I have always said the rabid fans of the province and being the best in the CFL could support a second team.
Especially since there is a boom in the province.
Bring it and they will come.

I've never thought Saskatoon had much of a chance of ever having a CFL team. But I just happened to find my 1989 Stampeders Fact Book, which has the Stampeders' average attendance stats back to 1966. Back then (as now) Alberta was the smallest province with 2 CFL teams, if Saskatoon got a team, Saskatchewan would be the smallest province with 2 CFL teams.

So I figured I'd compare 1966 Calgary with 2009 Saskatoon. Population numbers are from wikipedia and a UofC website.

It isn't as much of a difference as I thought it would be.

Realistically somewhere down the line Saskatoon could support a team, just not at this time. I used to live in Saskatoon and drive down for games and I'd guesstimate that there's probably 2000-5000 fans that make the trek for each game.

I'd guess to say that as long as the Riders are fielding a good team that's finishing top 2 in the West, maybe Regina could support the team on it's own, but with every team, they need those fans from the Saskatoon region when we have a spell like the Ticats right now.

I honestly do NOT understand the mentality of people who actually think that Saskatoon will EVER EVER EVER!!!!!!! get a CFL team!

you're more likely to see a Nuclear War in Canada before a Saskatoon CFL Team!

like for pete's sake people! you think the Owners and Board of Governors of the Riders would allow it?

taking half of the fans that support the team? are you f'n nuts??

It's not financially and realistically possible!

don't forget that back in 1966, when Calgary was 300,000 people and Edmonton 260,000 or whatever it was

Saskatoon was I don't think even 100,000 people! ok , 116,000 people roughly.

Now, look at how much Calgary grew, compared to Saskatoon.

Back in 1966, 300,000 people was fine for a CFL team! considering the cost it was to run a team, to pay the players and so on.

YOU CANNOT do that with 200,000 or so people TODAY!

first off, you need a stadium. so thats at least $100 million. good luck!

then you need the support. I can't imagine that too many Saskatoon folk are going to just drop the Riders just like that because they now have a team!

this whole stupid idea is preposterous and is NOT going to happen. NOT TODAY, Not Tomorrow! Not in 50 years!

so can we stop making such ridiculous topics such as this? sheesh!!


Smartest post on here

Just so you know Saskatchewan is a Have province and has been since 2005.

As for a team in Saskatoon. NOPE, as per the reasons stated above

Actually, what S'toon should do is build a kick-ass stadium, and make a pitch for the Riders to move here and play.

One strong team will always be healthier for the league than two weak teams.

There will be a day, when two strong teams would be plausable. Just not in the near future.

What is it with some of the people on this forum who criticize topics that have been offered for discussion.
If you don't like the topic because you've seen it a million times then move on. If you don't like the topic because you think it's stupid then move on and create some topics that aren't, in your opinion, stupid.

The OP provided a link to an article in which a fairly wealthy Canadian has shown interest in owning a CFL team.
Most CFL fans would agree with the statements you made above and I am no exception.
W. Brett Wilson isn't a stupid man. He's not about to plop a team in an area that is going to drive him into bankruptcy.
But it certainly is worth discussing his motives and perhaps what, if any, his real interest is in the CFL.
That to me is certainly worth discussing.

Just cause the guy has money, doesn't mean he's intelligent!

the demographics will not make it worthy of the time for the CFL to ever consider Saskatoon.

I think its a great idea.Of couse most people will still cheer for the Riders.But really How many people make the drive down for every game.Is there 2-3 thousand season ticket holders in saskatoon?Saskatoon could draw from P.A,Lloyd. And surrounding area.But local people would still support the local team.How much easier is it to live in regina and make every game than living in saskatoon.Plus Saskatoons economy is still strong.Think the spin offs for the riders could be good.Rivalry like stamps and esks.Think of the labour day game.Maybe time for CFL and everyone to start and think BIG.The more viable teams in this legue the better.As well is more and more people are moving back to sasatoon all the time.Thats just what I think

Why do we need TWO teams in Saskatchewan?

Just build a great stadium in Saskatoon, and move the Riders there.

When you have the most rabid fans in the CFL, well then they do deserve and there is sufficient distance apart for two teams.

Never ever going to happen. Why bankrupt two teams when you can have one viable one?
People seem to fail to realize that the riders have barely survived financially over the decades and been near bankruptcy on more than one occasion, the most recent being just a decade ago. If we had two teams in the province, we’d soon enough have none…

I totally agree its not like Saskatoon are banging out the doors of CFL Head Office wanting a team anyways. No Stadium, no ownership, no fan support wanting their own team I think the city maybe ready in 2020 but that remains to be seen.

But what if...... and especially as the most important ingredient being a rich owner in waiting.

I repeat. Two teams only assures us that eventually we'll have zero teams. Rich owners have been the bane of the CFL, not its salvation.

It's okay, one of these days he'll wake up and realize he can help finance the Riders new stadium. I wouldn't be opposed to someone like this guy owning the Riders if it meant helping finance a new stadium similar to Asper.