CFL team in Saskatoon?

This Calgary based entrepeneur would like to invest in one.

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There aren't enough people in Saskatchewan to support 2 teams are there?

I don't think so. This topic has surfaced several times, with the same statements made each time. Most residents of Saskatchewan are withit enough to realize that two teams isn't practical, and no one I've ever talked with personally would support another team here.


I watch the show Dragons Den, and Brett seems like a really good guy !! Thats great that he wants to invest in the CFL and Canandian sports. This would be great for the league !! I wish more people like Brett would step up and show their Canadian Pride and invest in the CFL !!

It would be great to have a team in saskatoon, although i don't think there is enough fans to support both.
I think most people would cheer for the riders over any saskatoon team anyway. atleast i would.

the cost of a new stadium here would be too great. even if it were a multi use stadium for huskies, hilltops, soccer, baseball. i just don't see it working.

For right now, no, however before the current global recession hit us hard and the collapse of crude oil prices, the economic news out of Saskatchewan had been positive and showed the province heading towards have status. When the economy turns around and we see a corresponding population boom in the province, it is not inconceivable that two teams could eventually be supported sooner than later.

1 - Ottawa
2 - Atlantic Canada
3 - Saskatoon
4 - Quebec City

Ottawa has to be the prioity. Another team in Saskatchewan would be cool but there are others in line first.

The downside to him is that he thinks the Nashville Predators is a good investment choice... oopps.....

I went to Nashville predators game last year when I was down there. It was a full house, and they seemed to have a little cheer/song for every play. Back on topic, IMO I think I could see the riders playing the odd exhibition game or maybe even a regular season game in Saskatoon. That could give the city of Saskatoon a chance to show their football fans too. I just think rider green is too much for someone to be able to just switch sides on.

I wouldn't argue with W. Brett Wilson, the man is pretty sharp.
Hard to imagine Saskatchewan being able to support two teams but having said that, wouldn't the first
game between Regina and Saskatoon be wild in the stands!

How did you come up with that list?

And, just for the record, a team in Saskatoon is a stupid idea.

Since we're talking about something that won't happen for at least 100 years, why not a team in Lloydminster? You could draw fans from both Saskatchewan and Alberta.

I don't think this would work. Saskatoon just isn't large enough to support a CFL team and the rest of the province, not to mention probably a few fans in the 'Toon, would remain 'Rider fans at heart.

As much as it pains me to say it as a Bomber fan, the Saskatchewan fanbase is the best in the CFL. Let's don't kill it by splitting it in two.

Great Blog!!!

Well, Ottawa is on the verge of getting a team back so them first is rather obvious.
Atlantic Canada has been lobbying pretty hard to get a team. They even had a party at the 2007 GC even tho they have no team.
After that Saskatchewan has the most diehard/insane fans in the country so I figure them next with Quebec City following since football is getting quite big there.
That's how I came up with it, my own figurin'.

Saskatchewan has been a "have" province for a number of years now. In fact, what makes this idea about Saskatoon getting a team at all plausible is the fact we have the strongest economy in all of Canada...perhaps even North America. So while we may only have 230,000 or so people right now, we have people moving here from literally all over Canada, and that's into both Saskatoon and Regina as well as the surrounding areas and all over the province.
It's funny, after the New York Islanders announced they'd be holding there training camp here in the fall there has been speculation they may one day move the team here. I doubt that too. I'm no expert but I would think Saskatoon would have to reach at LEAST 500,000 before we could support a CFL or NHL team.

Pakistan would get a NHL team before Sakatoon.
With no stadium in place it would be hard to imagine, Saskatoon getting any serious consideration for a CFL team. Especially if Regina wants a new stadium.

Besides that, then we'd have to call them the Regina Roughriders instead of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and that just doesn't sound right.

I would have no problem with it.. I would cheer for both teams. Since our population is small, there is only room for one team in this province. I guess I'm a bit torn on this issue, because the Riders are our provincial team, but on the other hand, the natural rivalry between Saskatoon and Regina is hard to ignore. I always cheer for the Toontown teams(the Blades, Huskies, Hilltops) over any Queen city teams when they meet. It might be that way for the CFL teams too.

Why would you have to change the name to Regina?

The NHL has the Florida Panthers and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

MLB used to have the California Angels along with the LA Dodgers, San Diego Padres and San Fransisco Giants. They still have the Texas Rangers and the Houston Astros