CFL team in LA? (Los Angeles)

[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News
.@sportscage - “An American NHL team’s ownership group has had at least minor explorations into landing a #CFL franchise for LA.”

CFL News ?@CFL_News
.@sportscage: “I’m not prepared to say which team it is however I spoke with a club spokesman & he would not deny the rumour.” #CFL[/b]

Just using the CFL to force the NFL's hand... Baltimore redux.

I seriously doubt the NFL views the CFL as any threat to their market share whatsoever (neither do I)

Any perceived leverage is non-existent as the NFL could/would crush the CFL in LA no question.

We all know that. We also know the org that owns the Kings has been trying to land an NFL team for years. So its not hard to figure out who is behind this and why.

The LA market is so big I'm sure the CFL could easily co-exist with the NFL or any other league. As former LA Kings owner Jack Kent Cooke said there's over 1 million ex-Canadians in the LA area, so the CFL could be a no-brainer there. Let's not forget that Baltimore led the CFL in attendance their first season and were 2nd in their second season. I could see the same scenario in LA. Perhaps we should get the ball rolling on U.S. expansion which could save the league once again? According to the recent Can-Am sports poll the CFL interest from American 18-34 yr olds is higher than in Canada. :thup:

Very bad idea IMO

This would mean doing away with the ratio, which is something the owners would obviously love.
They've been down that road and it was a disaster. Goes without saying that the NFL every justification they want to put an NFL team in Toronto or even Saskatchewan (unlikely). Kind of hypocritical to cry all over the media that the NFL in Toronto would kill the CFL and then turn around and go crap in their yard.

The more is see Orridge operate the more I think he's a clown shoe.

And Johnny thought Major League Baseball coming back to Montreal was a ludicrous idea! It will never happen and neither will the LA Marauders of the CFL...

The only way Canadian Ball might work and its a big IF since every billionaire football fan in the US has tried and failed including Donald Trump is to create a separate stand alone league (division) in the US of at least 8 teams with a bulletproof TV contract.

A CFL team would never fly in LA. It would get no media coverage whatsoever in that marketplace. You think the Argos have trouble garnering media attention in the Toronto market with the coverage the Jays, Leafs, Raptors, TFC, general NFL coverage and more specifically the Bills, and general NHL coverage receive? Imagine if they were in the LA market.

They would be behind the Dodgers, the Angels, the Lakers, the Clippers, the Galaxy, the Ducks, the Kings, likely one if not two NFL teams, USC football and basketball, UCLA football and basketball - daily coverage of those teams and coverage of all the leagues those teams play in generally (MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, NCAA - PAC 12). They would be hard pressed to fill a 5,000 seat stadium there and they would be lucky if their games had anything more than just the score listed in the local media at all.

Seems highly unlikely, but i wonder what the asking price would/could be for a CFL expansion franchise in this day and age.

With a story coming out yesterday with Terry Bradshaw saying the Rams move is '100% done', this would be the worst time to explore the idea of the CFL going to LA. Not saying there was a good time in the first place.

If the Rams do move, then a CFL to St. Louis story would make more sense. But that's going from 0% to 0.02% probable

LA Kiss draws 12 000 fans a game and has 8000 STH. and that's with Gene Simmons marketing them ...

you mean like two separate North/South Divisions (Canada/US) where teams in each league play only against each other with the finalist of each Division playing for the Grey Cup?

hmmmm..intriguing to say the least.

LA Marauders, I like the name! I'll bet the CFL would be huge in LA. Rose Bowl anyone?

The Pacific division could include Portland, Boise, Sacramento and LA, for example. I'd suggest the CFL should avoid competing directly in NFL markets, except perhaps for huge markets like LA and NY.

The Northern division could include Grand Rapids, Detroit-Windsor, Rochester and Worcester. Southern division, Birmingham, Orlando, Shreveport and San Antonio. Central division, Montgomery, Salt Lake, Oklahoma City and Richmond VA.

With a 16-team loop in the U.S. a lucrative American TV contract is virtually guaranteed, which would likely dwarf the C$40M the league currently earns from TSN.

Yes... So 17 Conditions.... 8 committed affluent owners. 8 quality venues and one paying broadcaster.

Umm, except that the Rose Bowl would not hold a CFL sized field. An American sized one just fits in there in the corners - as you can see in this picture I took at a Rose Bowl game I went to.

Umm, the Rose Bowl could be renovated to fit a CFL field. 100,000 seats is probably too big for the CFL anyways...except for perhaps the Grey Cup...hmmm? The college stadium in Boise could easily fit a CFL field with some minor renovations in the endzone (a la BMO).

Oh yes. UCLA and the Rose Bowl people are really going to go for having tens of millions spent to change the configuration of one of the USA's most iconic stadiums to accommodate what would amount to a Division 2 college level team in terms of interest - at best.

There is a better chance of IGF in Winnipeg being remodelled to accomodate a minor league baseball team than that ever happening xvys.

Love that you love the CFL - but sometimes I've got to wonder what you are smoking out there.

I can't believe any of you are actually talking about this as if it is possible. :roll:

I gotta agree Dragon !!!! Me thinks that maybe some in this thread have been drinking too much of this beer :wink: