CFL Talk Sites

Anyone know of any sites that talk CFL, have training camp updates and generally just have some traffic on them? Wondering how everyones' training camps are going.

If you wanna know what the Cats are doing, the Scratching Post has multiple updates daily. The Cats are doing two-a-days and the site has an update after each practice.

I would also direct you to my own stuff but (a) it's not as thorough as Drew's at the Scratching Post and (b) one of the forum rules is to not use your posts to post links to your own websites.

Best way nowadays is

1- Load up you twitter feed with media, team and players

2-Use google key word searches and it will send you just about everything out there.

riderfans has very good updates on Training Camp from fans who go to the field. Some are over the top, but still some good info.
They even had one thread from the Stamps TC.

Here is a good news site with training camp reports:

And a couple fan forums to get you ready for Banjo Bowl:

[url=] ... um.php?f=2[/url] [url=] ... Discussion[/url] :D

Check out CFL HQ. Relatively new, but looks like it'll be good, and they post material all year round.

And some of these other sites allow unpopular opinions without threatening to run people out of town, so that`s something to think about as well go stamps go is a very good forum, they discuss all things CFL, have never been ganged up on over there, very friendly atmosphere, nobody calls you a idiot , but very good discussions all things CFL :D