CFL Takes down a 14 year olds youtube

How heartless can they be.
This kid was learning the other videos had become quite good
This is somebody that could have employed in an internship
And nurtured the channel it would have helped them with marketing to the youth
But instead they issue copyright strikes and have the kids channel taken down
Disgusting shame on the CFL for picking on a 14 year old


I agree with you whole-heartedly, Tom.
This is a disgrace. I haven't seen any of his content, but I can kind of see the League's point if he was earning ad revenue (I have no idea if he did or not) but isn't he in the next generation of fans?

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This will definitely help grow interest in the game...


Yes in the time the CFL could use more exposure they do soemthing stupid like this.


Probably time to bring back blackouts too.


While I agree that it was stupid of the league to do this. They DO like to shoot themselves in the foot..

But this part from the article really rings hollow to me:

"Stevens would be happy to abide by any rules created by the CFL allowing for game footage to be used in independent content creation."

Am I wrong that Stevens has already shown a complete willingness to not abide by the rules?

If the CFL was smart lol and we know the brain thrust is not they should hire this guy he has 1000 followers thus the CFL if were smart hiring this guy to promote the league there is not enough promotion of the CFL. The more you get people like this on board the more vision of the league is oout there. Again CFL exec are not smart.

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1000 followers is nothing.

I have a 1000 followers and I post next to nothing.

I agree the exec of the league is not smart. I agree they suck at marketing the league. But 1000 followers isn't going to make a lick of difference to that.

Oh but the CFL needs every person they can get in a stadium. This is a young guy that has done a great job in promoting the CFL and yes so far only 1000 but thats face it would grow quickly if it too was promoted. Remember this was word of mouth only.

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Youtube makes it pretty hard to make any money. He was probably getting very little if anything for a thousand views.


They really tightened up on stuff unless you're somebody like Linus from Linus Tech tips you're really not going to make a lot of money on YouTube
You're better off being a twitch streamer

But getting back to the topic at hand
The CFL has got to embrace kids like this
If anything they'd be smart to give this kid a tour of TSN and CFL HQ in Toronto
As long time fans mean we need embrace our youth or this league will die after we're all gone.

You guys will remember during the start of the Bob Young era
I ran my own blog about the ticats and the cats were gracious enough
To give me access to the players . I did interviews with players and members of The League including commissioner Tom Wright at the time

I would love to see this kid be embraced by the league like I was by the Cats
After all they are the next season ticket holder. We have two more leagues
That embrace the four down game. The CFL is unique with its three down and larger field. If we don't have the youth start to follow it will lose it
And the CFL has to recognize young adults like this young gentleman

They really dropped the ball in this one


The CFL needs to get kids like this interested in the game and what do they do kick the kid in the teeth. Stupid.


Since this is an issue with video, perhaps it is the league stepping in for their broadcast partner (and part owner) TSN.

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Bell can't take care of themselves? They really need the CFL to simp for them?

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I'm supposing....

Perhaps, this is the league trying to play the bad guy on their behalf????

I agree.

Bell never had a problem sticking it to me as a customer!!!!!


Maybe it's in their contract that the CFL has to play the bad guy on behalf of Bell to make Bell look better.

I think the kid’s last paragraph in the article speaks volumes. Hopefully they can find some way to work together with him and others who will promote the product. The league turfed out some younger employees during Covid who might have had a clue how to handle social media.

“You’ve gotta allow more people to share it and not just have it on [the CFL’s] page,” he said. “Let it get more exposure, try to get the audience more involved, more people thinking that they’re more important because the CFL marketing, to me, is horrible. There’s barely anything.”


I agree that this isn’t a good look, but before we completely trash the CFL we need to acknowledge that none of us are experts on this subject. I’m guessing (100% guessing) that some lawyer pointed out that this is precedent setting and that turning a blind eye to this 14 year old opens the door for much bigger people, companies, social media types, whatever being able to run rampant with their product.

Sometimes the laws forces big companies to do things they might otherwise want to turn a blind eye to just to make sure they don’t become something else at a later date. At least I’m hoping that’s the case and that someone isn’t just out to take it to the kid.


Not saying you're wrong but if that's the case I would have gone after users who had more views that post whole games first.

You're probably correct, but there had to be a way they could have worked with him. Heck, make it official and sign a contract with the CFL getting 1% of revenue, review and renew terms yearly in case it grows.

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