CFL suspends Marino for a total of four games

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) has imposed three separate suspensions totaling four games on Saskatchewan Roughrider defensive lineman Garrett Marino for his conduct during his team’s game with the Ottawa REDBLACKS last Friday evening.

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I can live with this, but more would have been better.


Not enough imo.
I'd still like to see him cut.


looking at the breakdown.

one game for racist comment towards masoli?

so, a player states an opinion about an issue that is not hateful and pretty much is booted from the league, but another makes a hateful racist comment toward another player and one game suspension?

its a bloomin joke


“This behaviour has no place in our league,” said Randy Ambrosie, Commissioner of the CFL. “This discipline is intended to send a strong message that it will not be tolerated.”

I'm not convinced a repeat offender as intentionally reckless and dangerous as Marino will receive this message at all. I hope I'm wrong and he never pulls a stunt like this again, despite his long history. But I'm not holding my breath.


I'd ban him from the league. Jon Cornish's career was ended by a blatant clothesline hit. Any self-respecting league would ban such a repeat offender. At the very least -- suspended w/o pay for the period of the victim's absence.


Marino shows he's a racist, and he's still in the league?

Wha ....?

Do you mean to tell me, other players have to compete against a racist?


No attention seems to have been paid to his vain showboat strut off the field, proud he'd needlessly crippled an opponent. No remorse. No pretence to unintended consequence.


The suspension was good based on past suspensions, specifically Lawrence. I am still waiting for any decision, on Boyd putting Robertson out, maybe for the season. Back stabbing clown after the play was over, and from behind. Boyd is as bad as Marino, only not in your face, just hasn't been caught enough times, hides with the linemen.


He'll get nothing. This league is bush..


Not good enough. I can’t believe he is going to play again this year. Classless piece of trash.


Show trial.. Marino is adament he didn't say it but the league has to show a simple allegation is grounds for suspension

Four games is not enough. The rest of the season would not have been enough. This man should not be in the league at all.


Welcome yak! I agree with you.


So he gets one game for the racist comment he apparently made... why is this not conduct worthy of expulsion? Certainly the CFLPA wouldn't be standing in the way... would they?

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I was prepared for any punishment sent his way as it was deserved. More importantly, I wonder what the Riders are going to do with him even after he finishes his suspension.


Oh yea! Every guy in the prison system is innocent also! Just ask any of them!


Surprisingly alot of them are especially in the US.

If the Riders have any decency, he's played his last game .


As I said on the Marino thread, the total of four games is what I thought they would do, although I was hoping for five. Many dynamics in play including making it appeal proof, which I think it is. I am on the side of those who thought it should be longer still but unfortunately I don’t think precedent would have allowed that.

They did give one game for the previous dirty hit, which I don’t think anyone thought was going to be part of it. That’s good. I am surprised they didn’t tack on a game for the Antonio Brown meth walk. The racist comment at one game is also low, in my opinion. They could have used that to double everything else and he would have had a tough time appealing a racist comment. At least they didn’t make it 2 or 3 games only.

We’ll see what the Riders tack on, if anything.