CFL suspends Cameron Judge for one game

Im sorry about the memories associated with cars. Im a car guy (used to build and paint custom cars), and that is one impressive list.

apparently he won world of wheels categories a few times, idk. i never followed much and left home for good when i was a teenager. those are the only cars i remember, and he didn’t have them all at the same time, there was overlap and trading and selling etc. it was his world.

i edited the list because i had year wrong on the mach 1.

i almost set fire to his t roadster once. on purpose. heh what a scene that was.

At least TBuckets are cheap and easy. The GT350 orv67 Shelby would have been a sin!

My current project

Sweet - Austin Healey Bug Eyed Sprite?

def an austin

Yes sir! 1959 with 9700 original miles.

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DDD, Double Debbie Downer :slight_smile:

They are all over the internet

yes i know that’s why i said it.

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I disagree. "Sticks and stones will break my bones, BUT WORDS WILL NEVER HURT ME!!! That is what is wrong in the world today. Words mean NOTHING! Physical violence and retaliation are what needs to be avoided. Just walk away, that is what my Dad taught me, and has the same meaning today. Words will never hurt you.

while i agree with the general sentiment of your comment on physical violence, you have no idea how wrong you are with that statement. i would have to assume from it that you come from a place of social privilege. as a mixed race person of colour and visible minority in more ways than one, i can tell you first hand that words can have a devastating effect…


Whatever happened to the pen is mightier than the sword? And it is.

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My first car was my prized YELLOW 77 formula firebird with the big phoenix on the hood ..... refered to as the praire chicken

I worked in a garage and got pranked by the parts guys who swapped out the horn for the new programable horns.

I use to give the horn a couple of taps when i waited outside to pick up the girlfriend.

Funny as hell expecting the beep and getting the tune from.the old radio show "chicken man "

Anyhow ..... we shouldn't Judge Lucky for his trash talk ..... someone else did .....


Love the horn prank! (Of course I'm the guy that slips a handful of bolts onto a guy's tray when he has a door all disassembled)

What was under the hood?

Oh, yeah, and Lucky bad.

I had the 400 blue block ( small.block )

And for the yoingsters the chicken man theme is below...... they had recorded it starting with the chicken .....

Yellow fire chicken as they were called we well.suited to the name.

The 400 was gutless so they had to make it look as if it could be fast

My wife's bugundy 79 Firebird had the 400 small block. Good thing it wasn't too strong because the bushings holding the front clip in place were shot. Real power would have twisted that thing apart. BTW the car was named Thunder. Twin Thrush cans on the back.

The uni body frame made for a rough ride and a need for them to look pretty vs being a true muscle car.

Buddy swapped out a 400 in a 78 firechicken with a 283 and the power boost with less wieght turned into an empty pop can that crumpled.the first night he had it back in the road

They were so badly built and everyone having one drove it as if they were smokey .... hence very few survived and they go for crazy $$ now ( 25k up for restored )

I was in the drive it like you stole it group and mine ended up being sold for derby use

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Like demo derby? Bet she didn't last long there without some I beams welded in!

You are correct, words CAN have a devastating effect, But only if YOU let them. That is the message my Dad gave me. He was a gentle and nurturing soul. There is great danger in your "assumptions" of my background in any way shape or form. The simple message here is words can only hurt you IF YOU LET THEM. Here is my proof. Assuming we have all the facts, Lucky W. has uttered offensive words to Cam J., Cam now has 2 choices 1- walk away believing in himself or 2- resort to violence. In this instance he chose the latter and we have this whole mess on our hands. Had he chose to simply walk away, dignity intact, all of this ends right there on the field. Words only hurt us when we let them, physical injury is something other. I have no desire to continue this conversation with you any further, it is perfectly fine for us to disagree. But never make any assumption of who I am or where I came from.

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Don’t explain to people why they shouldn’t react to verbal abuse okay? Unless you can pm me a diploma or something in counseling…


A life time of life, that is a diploma. Just living a lifetime with other people. I don't owe you one thing. I don't ask you for anything. take what I offer or don't. All good.

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