CFL suspends Cameron Judge for one game

yup. anyone remember Burrows and Kesler chirping the blues’ Backes about his girlfriend?

..and there are protocols on that too. If he had stepped outside the lines Whitehead would have faced fines.

Since there would be no doubt that there are security cameras around the dressing rooms and parking lots it's obvious any claims of misbehaviour there were added by someone to create some excitement around the story.

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i think trash talk is just too hard to officiate and it happens all over the field, especially in the pile and between receivers and defensive backs. like every play pretty much. it’s just a question of when does it cross a line. like is saying something about a dudes sister as bad as racism? i’m not sure…

oh more info here from police about the parking lot incident:

“ The Calgary Police Service said the parking lot confrontation did not escalate to a physical fight and officers who were present were able to diffuse it.

CPS said there are no allegations of criminal activity stemming from the heated yelling match and no investigation has been opened as a result.”

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Totally agree.

So a hockey game almost broke out at a football game. Young men showed some poor judgement that thankfully didn’t escalate into something worse. There was some trash talking, which I am no fan of, but as stated above, nothing that could be considered criminal or over the line (such as racist taunts) and there is no reason therefore to investigate that further.

Judge sucker punched Lucky and got one game for it and is not appealing. He owned up to his stupidity and realizes he hurt his team. Huff isn’t making matters worse by inappropriately trying to defend him.

I don’t see how this TMZ inspired incident shouldn’t be over.

A group of players gathered at the locker room exit for the opposing team to jump someone. Props to CPS for diffusing the situation without further incident but this behavior still needs to be addressed. It happened on property where each player still represents the league and their team. If not suspensions then there needs to be fines.


Judge punched Lucky---after maybe some trash talk-----on the field. The lions & some stamps had a heated discussion----That's it.------ Lions thugs? Everything goes now?------Grow up boy.

Trash talk-------is football, every game-----Simone might at one time has maybe? Jeez--people------this is football not basket weaving

Maybe it didn’t escalate, but the players actions could easily have gotten out of hand, and that should be addressed. Not to the degree it would have been had something happened, but something to deter future incidents.

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Anybody else remember Reggie Dunlop calling Tommy Hanrahans' wife a dyke ?

NSFW but funny as Hell . :laughing:

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Agreed a very similar incident happend a few years ago a Stamp player was murdered in a parking lot. That stamp player tried to calm things down and was shot and killed. I realize BC players wuld not go to this extreme but regardless stupidity like this should be adressed by the league. Players going to their cars to go home to family face a bunch of BC players looking for a fight plain and simple. What if the police did not show up? The league needs to address this.

lol well im a dyke and i love that scene :slightly_smiling_face:


I would say that nothing was actually settled in the parking lot. Mostly just a lot of venting.

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anyone remember this Top 10 CFL feuds: Adam Rita vs Jeff Reinebold - 3DownNation

Only because the cops were already there.

having been around such situation many times in my younger years, I would surmise that the intention was for Whitehead to call out Judge for some one on one fisticuffs or arguing and the rest of the Lions were there for support if the other Stampeders got involved.

It was still a premeditated invitation to a fight.

I have no problem with two guys who want to throw down in the heat of the moment. Have at 'er.

But if they do, they have to accept the consequences of their actions. Choose the action, choose the consequence.

The league doing nothing tells me that they are ok with it with a team coming over as a group to seek a confrontation. If that's the case, expect it to happen more often. And it won't always be kept in the bottle.

hah i remember that. it was utter chaos on the field after the game ended.

Lucky we didn't go to school together... we'd have been chasing the same girls :grin:

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i don’t chase girls. they chase me :joy: