CFL suspends Cameron Judge for one game

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) has imposed a one-game suspension on Calgary Stampeders linebacker Cameron Judge.

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Well there is the decision, but without any information.

surprised both teams weren’t fined.

Looks to my like this is dealing only with the on-field post-game interaction and punch. I wonder if the league is still looking at the parking-lot portion or if they are letting it slide under the mat.

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yea i expected fines for the parking lot thing

There still may be. I find the fact that it wasn't mentioned in the story to be very telling. In fact, the release is worded in such a way that I wonder if they weren't deliberately avoiding mentioning it so it could be left open to deal with separately


good point. i wouldn’t be at all surprised.

here’s 3downs story on the suspension.

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Very surprised that's all so far, we'll see if mores to come. Also surprised they didn't wait till tomorrow, the usual discipline day. Calgary will be some pissed if that's all that happens.

I certainly can't condone any form of violence between any CFL player. The game is supposed to be a contest between professional Athletes using their skills in the sport not inflecting violence on one another.
The fact that Judge threw a punch is wrong, However Whitehead disparaging a person's family is wrong too, The fact that a number of Lions went over to the Stamps dressing room and waited for Judge in the parking lot led to the violence. Are any of them to receive punishment?
Here is the story that came out after the incident

I guess the league figured out Lucky's punishment was served on the spot already. :dizzy_face:

I guess the league is ok with settling differences in the parking lot. Bring it on, I guess.

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The league is chicken shit ! Judge is taking his punishment saying he will not appeal. But those Lion thugs wanting to fight in the parking lot is a blemish on the league and those that run it.

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It's over,
Nothing to see here,
Move along!


To extrapolate from that, Lucky didn't break the code with whatever he said or it wasn't substantiated by anyone and the whole thing in the parking lot was a bunch of guys yelling at each other....

As for fines to the team - they don't announce those as far as I know so it is possible there were fines or all it was was some guys yelling at each other.

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Where's Shady's defense of Judge like his for Mike Evans?

TSN has a lot more on the suspension and what transpired, including quote from Judge

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And you know they wanted to fight how?

Its called trash talk....happens all the time


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