CFL survey we need Als fans

Fill it out if you have time, only 2 Als fan so far responded.

Well, I did my bit. Almost enjoyed putting BC at the bottom as I did putting the Als at the top

I love your thinking, last year east final was a thing of beauty, karma payback 10 fold.

I did my part though it was tough coming up with second and third favorite teams. I kinda always had the als as my favorite team a couple teams I wanted to see lose and then a bunch of other teams I was indifferent to

Survey: what about Quebec??????

When they have a team sure, but they don't even have any stadium plans, unlike Moncton.

The See Result page was very poorly designed...

This is done for fun by a fan like us, so got to give the guy some slack :slight_smile:

I would like to apologize to Cameron for my very unconstructive remark :frowning: Your data gathering page is actually pretty cool, it's just that the See result link did not bring me to any results...