I've noticed that Prime Minister Harper has been at most (if not all) Redblacks games this year. He was there once again with his Redblacks toque on in Ottawa on a cold night. Earlier in the season TSN said he :roll: is a season ticket holder and is not getting free seats because of his job status. He has been a great supporter of the CFL(attending at least two Grey Cups that I know of) and our Canadian hockey teams as well. Regardless of one's political persuasion, that is encouraging to see. It has been a long time since one of our Prime Ministers has shown interest in the CFL by their attendance in the stands. I do remember Trudeau doing the ceremonial kick-off at a Grey Cup years ago but other than that none come to mind.
This is not a shot at the NDP but I can't picture the grumpy looking Tom Mulcair enjoying any game or much else in life. At least that's my perception of him...I know he may be different in private life.

I know, well fairly sure, that hockey is his no. 1 love but no question nice to see him at some CFL games. And he's showing people don't be afraid, live your life normally and on we all go sort of thing. :thup:

While he DOES have a fair amount of security around him, the PM sits in the stands just like everyone else; out in the open, facing the elements, conversing with fans, not sitting aloof in a fortified private box.

I think he was also at at least one argo game not playing Ottawa.

Hopefully, when push comes to shove, he'll be willing to kick in the feds' share of the cost of upgrading BMO Filed for CFL games. (Assuming that deal can be revived.) That would mean a heck of a lot more for the CFL than attending the games. And after all, he seemed pretty willing to spend taxpayer dollars on a hockey rink for a non-existent team in Quebec City.

I will grudgingly agree with the sentiment in this thread so far. I went down to the main concourse at the half and ended up standing about 8-10 feet away from the PM, who was happily mingling with fans. His security detail was seemingly very relaxed, even though people were jammed in very close. It is nice to see the consistent support for at least the local team.

On the other hand, I was more than happy to leave the PM to go home disappointed by the home team's loss. It was not a pretty game for either offence, but at least we came away with a W.

Oh, and it was a fabulous autumn night, with great entertainment in the stands. If there is ever a Halloween game scheduled at THF, go. It was hilarious good fun at TD Place last night.

Who knows streetwriter, he might be a Cats fan at heart. :wink:

Harper actually wrote a decent book on the early days of hockey. I think he started it before he became PM.

I agree, good to see him in the stands with regular fans. Wasn't he also at a Vancouver game?

An Argo-Cat fan

Seems like a Greenteam Fan

Yes, it's great to see him at CFL games, I think that having the PM at CFL games says that this league is important and the top person in the country can show up to attend games. He's not sitting in them Private Suites or Club suites either The guy beside him was not his security either, he was an old friend of mine from university. !!!! :thup:

But that Arena wasn't funded by the Feds, rather 50% from Quebec City and 50% from the province of Quebec.

Hopefully somehow, someway the feds will find a loophole to provide the $10mill for the Argos. Tie it into a "grey cup event" or whatever event they want to call it, because we know they only give out money for events like the Pan ams and olympics.

Mr. Harper was also at Molson Stadium a number of times, usually if the Friday or the Monday he had business in Montreal. And before the Super Bowl some time ago a reporter asked him about prediction, he answered that he did not know much about NFL but he did enjoy the CFL that he found quite exciting.

I may or may not agree with Stephen Harper's or the Conservatives' politics, but I respect him for his affinity to sports and for his choosing to sit on the general public area. Compare that with U.S. dignitaries and celebrities who almost always sit in the sky box.