CFL Sunday

This is the best, cfl Sunday, forever.

Yep, and the next two weeks! 8)

Now, how was that for cfl Sunday, are we ready to take it back to more Sunday’s after labour day yet.

In a perfect world, we get 1 more team and then there are 5 games each weekend.

For me, if it's Sunday. I can't make games, to late getting home and work the next day! 4 hr. drive just saying!!

Long time Regina born season ticket holder who sits adjacent to many others who travel 4 or 5 hours each way for games. While it wouldn't likely stop them from buying season tix (yes they are that passionate about their club and the CFL), Sunday only games would hinder them quite a bit and add to costs of taking more time off from work.

I would think Rider brass would fight the league and networks on this. Personally, I love the Sunday games but it's not just about me.

Sunday is classic football day.
In the past the CFL has had great ratings.

However, TSN clearly has strong influence on schedule and they have committed to the NFL for Sundays.

TSN's two best ratings, outside of International hockey is Football. Probably don't want them competing every week.

However, playoffs have to remain on Sundays. Saturday experiment years ago failed miserably.

Television numbers agree

TORONTO – Yesterday’s thrilling CFL PLAYOFFS doubleheader scored massive audiences on TSN, as overnight data from Numeris confirms that the CFL’s Eastern and Western Semi-Finals broadcasts were the most-watched in three years, averaging 1 million viewers overall. This year’s semi-finals saw an increase of +7% with total viewers over 2016, and made TSN the most-watched network in Canada on Sunday.
Overall, 4.3 million Canadians watched some or all of the Eastern and Western Semi-Final games.
The Western Semi-Final featuring Edmonton @ Winnipeg attracted an average audience of 1.1 million viewers on TSN, as Edmonton fended off a valiant fourth-quarter rally from the Blue Bombers to claim a 39-32 victory. In the Eastern Semi-Final, an average audience of 975,000 watched Saskatchewan secure a 31-20 victory over the defending GREY CUP champion Ottawa REDBLACKS.

Personally, not a fan. When most have to work on Monday, if you want to have a few watching the game and possibly celebrate afterwards, makes for a rough Monday, as if I was playing.

I know, let's get this federal gov to pass a law stating that the Monday following ANY CFL game played on a Sunday is a Stat holiday for the ticket holders... I bet that would get some bums in seats down at BMO for the Argos.. A day off if you go to the game, the stadiums would be full. All in the interest of Canadian culture. Everybody wins !

I like it

Now that's some forward thinking.