CFL Sunday Scheduling Plain Sucks

Its a beautiful Sunday today. 23 degrees and sunny.
And I see the CFL has scheduled two games today.
One for 1 and the other for 4?
What is up with that?
Why schedule the first game so early? When it'll be only 10 or 11 AM outwest?
Meaning you'll lose alot of potential veiwers out west.
And second, alot of people like myself are not going to hang around inside to watch TV on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.
So you'll lose even more potential viewers.
My question is why isn't the first game at 4?
And second, why isn't the second game at 7 or 8? For the CFL's own version of Sudnay night football?
Are you telling me the CFL can't do that because the NFL has Sunday night football?
Is that ridiculous or what?
The CFL should not make a schedule based on a league from another coutnry.
And if TSN doesn't want to show the CFL sunday night, the CFL should then sell the game to another network.
Where it will do huge ratings.
But in my opinion, these Sunday game times hurt the league.
Two good games today, and I might catch the second half of the Saskatchewan game.
And I'm sure there'll be many like me.
Another example of how Tom Wright's TV deal handcuffed this league.

More negativity from Berezin...check your PMs, by the way...

it's not that gorgeous out here..

I like the 2pm start for the Edm vs Sask game.

it's all good to me :slight_smile:

First off, I don't bother with "PMs"
And second, you must not understand how business works.
If you don't maximize your business, it will continue to be small time.
And the CFL is not maximizing its business by playing games at these times.
And wait til October, when TSN forces them to play Saturday night games head to head with Hockey Night in Canada.
You may as well not even show the bloody games.
Todays game will lose alot of potential viewers from east to west.
Which is a huge issue if you know business.
Why this bothers you?
YOu just don't understand what a discussion forum is in my opinion.
Not evey topic has to interest you.
And you run this thing. Oh my.
Now go ahead and delete my thread.
But I'll tell ya. Its gone right over your head.

buddy buddy...let's not blow a gasket here now.

they have been scheduling games around this time for many years.. even before TSN came around and took full control...

they have been fine!

the CFL games seem to do JUST fine competing against the NFL games on Sunday.

I can promise you that there will be a lot of people watching the 2pm game instead of some boring NFL crap.

Is this guy for real?

How many more of these trolls hang around the CFL forums?

You should bother with PMs. They're helpful when someone is trying to cut you a break. I do understand how a business works, thanks, and resent your statement that I do not. I also understand that the schedule-makers have their reasons for working the games in such a way; as such, there is no point in complaining about it. I understand what a discussion forum is, and I realize that not every topic must interest me...but since it is a discussion forum, I can comment on your doom-and-gloomery that abounds with every post you make...which I did...g'day.

He's for real. Check the past threads he's created...on second thought, nevermind...they're all pretty much the same...

You don't get my post.
Alot of CFL viewrs will not watch the 1PM start because its too early out west, and here in the east
we'll be outdoors enjoying the weather.

This is not the US of A where they live and die for football, and would watch at 3 in the morning.
In this country, this league has to show games which would maximize viewers.
And a 1 PM start is ridiculous. Its not maximizing viewers.
Especially when they have Sunday night wide open. Which would bring huge numbers.
Just don't make sense to me.

And trust me. I am not blowing any kind of gasket over this.
I am just makeing an observation. The CFL lead by Tom Wright shot themselves in the foot with this TV deal.

Now I'm going golfing.
TSN and the CFL just lost one potential viewer for todays game.
And I'm sure there's 1000's of others who will do the same thing.

I guess I must be posting over your head.
Oh well. I'm going golfing.
Enjoy sitting inside watching your games.
Missing a CFL game is getting easier and easier to do.
Guess you people consider that a good thing?
Liek I say. Small time.

Another Chicken Little rant.. so what else is new.. not everyone can watch every CFL game anyway.. the games are on at 11am and 2pm here respectively.. its cooler today than it has been, a great day for watching football.. I for one will enjoy the games.

not everyone has +30 today. some of us have crappy weather, and there's nothing better to do than watch CANADIAN football...

Easy way to solve this problem! The CFL and all the stadiums will only have games based on national wide forcasts. What they'd do is wait until a week in advance to see what the weather is like. If any of the 8 CFL markets has good weather, no game. I mean, we can't have people have to chose between a game they love for 3 hours and the rest of the day.

Also I dunno about the rest of you guys, sundays are my laaaaaaaazy day. I mean lazy. The most work I'll do is 20oz curls if you follow me. Sundays are the best time to have football, its not like I'd be going anywhere.

Aww… Sounds to me like someone missed nap time… :frowning:

I see both sides to this argument. Sunday games seem to work well on the prairies. It gives small town folk a chance to get to the games.

I don't mind them on a lazy sunday, but it would not work in a place like Vancouver as there is more things to do during the day and would kill Lions attendance, which is why most of their games are either a Friday, or Saturday night.

I think the Al's have some deal with McGill that games have to be on sundays after labour day? So each team has different requirements.

This where the replay on TSN2 is handy if you can't watch the live version.

Here's a hint,if you cant watch the game LIVE,or it's too early/late or u have other stuff going on for you to watch,and you really really want to see it,dust of the Betamax and record it :roll:

Today I PVR'd the BB/AL's game because I was going to miss the start of the game,after an hour I hit the chase play to catch up,when the 4th Q rolls around I catch up to the live play not missing any action because of other things.(I'm sure the CFL or TSN dont like me skipping commercials,but thats life)In this day and age there are no reason's to miss a game on TV,unless you dont want to see it!

I agree 100%

the times werked out fine for many of us out west. and i want, i can watch sunday night television, or i can watch nfl game if i want?(giants vs cowboys). and i also get to go to morngin church service. so maybe the schedual is fine. actually, the last two years, i have been able to watch every game. i fell the schedual is designed for the werking guy werkin from moday to friday, so quit crying. your not the only fan in the league.

Montreal’s lease with McGill stipulates that all Als games after Labour Day MUST be played on Sunday.

Sask prefers some Sunday afternoon games as many of their fans travel hundreds of miles for the games…so they can drive to the game, watch the game, and be home by early evening. That’s why there was 2 CFL games this Sunday.

Sunday is one of the top TV ratings days of the week. More people have Sunday off than any other day.

CFL gets good ratings on Sunday, usually better than the NFL in the same time slot. The problem is the Canadian media is fixated on the NFL on Sunday and CFL games kind of get lost in the shuffle.

I propose the CFL play one game on Sunday throughout their season, starting at 5:00 pm EDT, for instance. Same time every week, then fans will know when the games are on…and the CFL game isn’t starting head-to-head against the 4:00 pm NFL Sunday games.

Here is my ideal CFL schedule to maximize TV ratings:

Thursday Night Football - 7:00 pm local time (before Labour Day)
Friday Night Football - 7:00 pm EDT
Friday Late Night Football- 10:00 pm EDT (after Labour Day)
Football Night in Canada - 7:00 pm EDT Saturday
CFL Sunday Football - 5:00 pm EDT

I think it’s important for the CFL to consistently run a Friday night, Sat night and Sun night game every week. Also the start times for games should be as consistent as possible from week to week. By spreading the games over 4 days, most fans will be able to watch 3 TV games each week, even when they have a local home game.

Note to the CFL and TSN:

Contact Berezin next year when making your schedule so that you can make sure that every game is at a time that suits him. Keep in mind that afternoon games may fall on days with great weather, in which case he won't want to watch the game. Please try to schedule afternoon games on days with crappy weather so that the fans won't want to attend, but will rather stay at home to watch it on tv.

Also, do everything that you can to avoid scheduling football games against anything else on TV. Any infractions of these rules will result in you being called small-time.

AKA - no matter what you do, he'll be pissed off because he is smarter than you. But don't worry, he won't apply for your jobs - he's not that smart. He's just smart enough to post on a forum telling the world how brilliant he truly is.