CFL successful on TSN


[b]Regular season ratings for the CFL ON TSN attracted an average audience of 703,000 viewers per game, making it the second most-watched season ever. Overall, audiences for the CFL regular season were up more than four per cent on TSN this season.

CFL audiences on TSN and RDS combined for an average of 758,000 viewers per game - an increase of 3.6 per cent compared to last year.

This season, three CFL games scored audiences surpassing one million viewers. The most-watched CFL games of the 2013 season include:

Saskatchewan @ Winnipeg on Sept. 8 - 1.073 million
Winnipeg @ Saskatchewan on Sept. 1 (Labour Day Weekend) - 1.059 million
Toronto @ Saskatchewan on Sept. 14 - 1.041 million
Toronto @ Hamilton on Oct. 14 (Thanksgiving Day Game) - 956,000
Saskatchewan @ Calgary on Aug. 9 - 929,000 million
B.C. @ Saskatchewan on Sept. 22 - 924,000 million[/b]

This with no meaningful games the last week of the season!

The CFL has never been stronger!!

Six games with close to or a million viewers and 5 out of the 6 involved Saskatchewan.
Seems the Riders the most popular team in Canada.

the only problem I have with TSN is since they've taken over for CBC the games seem to all be a little over 3 hours, but with CBC they were all around 2 hr and 45 minutes. TSN have too many commercials. :frowning:

Sports of all leagues are seeing their games go longer. It's the nature of television world where sports is pretty much the only thing still considered appointment viewing. Few people DVR sporting events - I know some do, so no need to respond by saying, "I DVR games" - the vast majority watch them live. Since that's the case, cramming commercials in there is a smart business move. So even if the CFL was still on CBC, the games would stretch out longer.

Agree, not much live television programming that is all that exciting or "need to watch live". Sports is probably the no. 1 live type of show and news of course.

Could be that. Could also be that the increasing game time is correlated to the advent and use of video replay challenges. Worst. Thing. Ever. for viewing fans. Slows the game down Waaaaaaayyyyy too much. I would hate it as a player. And leagues are discussing increasing the amount and types of challenges. Dumb.

It certainly looks to be popular.
Even the Sunday games going up against the NFL, The CFL is beating them on ratings in Canada.
More people watching on TV means more corporate investment to the teams.
Tim Hortons, Scotia Bank, Purolator, Buffalo Wild Wings, ETC. will be pounding on the door to sponsor and lease private Boxes.
The numbers don't lie, people are watching, and when people are watching, corporations will pay to advertise!

Now the CFL needs to figure out how to get those people off their arses and go to the games so they can make some money.

At least TSN is making some :wink:

This is how TSN pays the bills including paying the CFL for broadcasting privileges. :roll:

This is good news . I think ratings would have been higher if the Eskimos and Bombers had enjoyed a better
season . These are two of the largest markets in the league and the performance of these teams had to
adversely affect the overall T.V . ratings. Great to see the improvement and congratulation to both the CFL
and TSN.