CFL Studebaker Daytona Power Rankings

  1. Hamilton Because the Tiger Cats beat the other 8-2 team with a cold #2 QB coming off the bench.

  2. Winnipeg Because they’re 8-2 and they lost to the Cats who had a cold #2 QB coming off the bench on a night when the godly Matt Nichols couldn’t get it done.

  3. Edmonton Because Trevor Harris hasn’t meet Dylan Wynn in black-and-gold yet. After the 2nd matchup against the Cats, the Eskies will be a .500 team.

  4. Calgary Because Mitchell has been reactivated and soon the Stamps will trade power ranking spots with Edmonton.

  5. Saskatchewan Because a kid from Regina named Jamie Nye has written the other power rankings all year and I can be just as biased as he’s been.

  6. Montreal Because their offence looked okay against and Toronto’s offence looked okay
    against them.

  7. Ottawa Because Dominique Davis looks horrible and Jonathon Jennings looks worse but
    Campbell maybe can still coach a bit.

  8. Toronto Because they’re not the BC Lions the worst prepared team in the CFL.

  9. BC Lions Because they’re the BC Lions.

Sask above Calgary. Not bad rankings.

You know if Bo plays Calgary automatically goes to #2 even if they lose
#1 if they beat Edmonton

I want to see Calgary at #9.

For a whole season. 8)

I’ll take that under advisement.

I’ll take that under advisement. ;D

Ottawa #9, both the Argos and Lions look much better than Ottawa as of late.
Both Qbs for Argos/Lions look better than anything RBs have.

If power rankings are simply going to reflect teams’ records, why even have them? Why not just go by … teams’ records?


Power Rankings should be how strong and complete your team is now - based on winning streaks and the strength of your recent opponent.

Well that’s no fun, D&P! posts the standings, but they also manufacture rankings that are very judgmental (PC way of saying biased) and I felt a hometown ranking could provide an alternative for Cat fans.

Oh, I think all power rankings are subjective fodder for good-natured arguing and discussion! included. I don’t bother with them anymore because they’re usually a thinly disguised version of teams’ records, with a nod toward recent trends and some pretty heavy bias in favor of teams that have been more successful in the recent past.

For example, you say my Alouettes’ offense “looked okay” against Toronto, when Vernon Adams passed for over 300 yards and 3 TDs and we finished with 28 points … compared to your Cats, who posted up, what, 10 points in the win against Winnipeg? Not arguing that Hamilton is a better team than Montreal – hey, Winnipeg is better than Toronto even with Nichols out – but are you really five spots better than us in the power rankings, given that we’ve split our games against each other so far? :wink:

When Winnipeg lost to Dane Evans and MacLeod Bethel Thompson in back to back weeks and didn’t move out of the top two I was done with those rankings for the year. They’re a joke.