CFL stocks

Should the CFL issue stocks ro raise some money and generate fan interest in helping and owning the elague such as the riders? this may be an idea to kickstart some extra cash to start marketing this league correctly, get a CFL video game, etc, etc. Thoughts?

Might be a good Idea but Think Team Owners would not go for it

Ya that would be a tough sell to them, but it seems they are more open now and Braley has an open mind when it comes to marketing. Maybe we can hear from some irder fans and see if it really made a difference, good or bad about the riders issuing stock?

Hmmmmm. This has to be the first time Roughriders fans have kept their opinion to themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew the Roughies :wink: where community owned , but when did they put the team on the stock market?

We arent on the stock market, but you can buy Rider Shares lol

Not sure how that would work....
Are you talking about selling shares of the individual teams? Not sure the owners would want that.
Are you talking about selling shares in the "CFL" - this is possible. Not likely. How does this solve the league's current problems or guarantee future profitability? Other than a temporary cash infusion, i don't see issuing of shares leading to expansion or shoring up the current ownership issues.

I thought it might generate more interest from fans and bring some much needed cash to do a marketing blitz which helped the NFL bypass the CFL in the 80's. The shares would be for the league not the teams

Las Vegas did that in 1994 and raised a lot of money to help start the team. Unfortunately, the "stock" value dropped through the floor by about the second game. Investors looking to cash out on their investment found that the their stocks weren't worth the paper they were printed on. It might be a good indicator of the relative strength of the league and some of its teams in terms of redeemable value, but I think most people wouldn't risk it. Additionally, as an investor driven commodity, owners become beholden to the shareholders (something which would not appeal to them). In theory, the community owned teams SHOULD operate in this kind of way, but aside from a community meeting once every year (where the people get to say what they want for an hour or so and it really doesn't mean much), the teams are run without any real community input. It might be a good idea to run fund raising drives where people can buy a share of a future team in London, Quebec City, Moncton, or where ever, but this would be more of a gauge of fan interest, not a tool for real capital accumulation.

Don't they call it seat licensing in the States? Helps pay for new stadium,s and outrageous player salaries.

There is seat licensing here as well. MLSE charges quite a bit at the ACC for Leafs/Raptors licensing.