CFL stats system still not ready: nine takeaways from Randy Ambrosie’s State

The 2024 Guide & Record book is now online, but P.178 which should have 2023 player participation information for Sask., Tor., Wpg. is completely blank.


I am so happy I’m not a real stats guy and don’t give a rats you know what about all of this. The only stat relevant to me is who wins the Grey Cup championship.

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I think the biggest issue for the CFL is they’re trying to rake in on betting profits. However, the bookies and the bettors don’t have the info available to them to want to place the prop bets in the first place.


That’s where Genius Sports was supposed to help out the CFL as I understood the news after that announcement, also in a thread here in late 2021.

I don’t bet CFL at the books, so I don’t know directly, but is this what you are encountering via the apps?

Anybody else bet CFL via the apps? Are few prop bets are available in Canada?

Maybe somebody else who bets CFL outside of Canada can share more here, for Genius Sports has been established worldwide in the gambling industry.

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Two quick takeaways from the leaders page under the Stats tab:

  1. While eight quarterbacks show up on the supposedly complete list for passing stats, one of them is Taylor Powell, who spelled Bo-Levi Mitchell for one pass attempt and completion in Friday’s game. So at the least, Macleod Bethel-Thompson’s stats for Edmonton are missing.

  2. The kick returns leaders list has Alec Poirier first instead of James Letcher, Jr. I can only identify Poirier as a linebacker who Montreal may have cut last year.


For those interested in Week 1 stats;

League-wide Statistical Report

Game Analysis Report


Randy BlameRosie is pretty slick with the excuses!


Is there some business reason, and I heard somebody mention this in relation to all the bots and AI crawling the web for data but did not understand their full point because that’s been at hand for years, they don’t simply load those stats on the cloud in an interactive format instead of these lame PDFs?

If they are concerned about the cost of data storage, it’s not like they have to leave them there after the season and can simply start fresh in the same cloud.

This practice is not different fundamentally than as has done for years by the NFL with far more data.

And why in the world is Genius Sports still around if they don’t have this solution yet?


Quick, who is the interception leader so far this year?

If you look it up on the stats page, you’ll won’t get the right answer.

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I was going to say Ento or Dequoy and looking at the sheet they’re all tied at 1.

However, if you compare the QB stats, there are 13 INTs thrown and only 11 accounted for by the defense.

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Good eye. The Rider’s Avery has two picks. He shows up on the pdf version of the stats, but not the web version. I guess his are the missing two interceptions in your count.


Note all the trouble two of our fine CFL Forum members went through to post game attendance and compute aggregate scores, which is work and capability that these bojacks at Genius Sports should also be providing to the CFL!


The most common occasion on which stats ever were screwed up before was when it was a late night game or on a holiday weekend and the “stats guy” mailed it in for the CFL site.

Even with these damn PDFs things are not getting done right, so this PDF option is bunk as well.

FIX IT CFL with or without Genius Sports!

Your augmented reality is no good when it’s going to be garbage in garbage out like too much fed into the cloud or AI any more!