CFL statement on the passing of former Alouettes' owner Bob Wetenhall

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League has released the following statement regarding the passing of former Montreal Alouettes Owner, Bob Wetenhall:

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Another long time pillar of the league gone.

Number 2 behind Braley for stabilizing the league in the league in the 90s and likley a reason why there is one today.

RIP Robert W

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Owning the Alouettes seems to be a high risk job this year. More seriously we should thank him for his support of our league. Fare thee well.

A special thank you to previous owner-Bob Wetenhall who passed away recently. You helped keep the CFL alive and kicking in the very tough sports market in the city of Montreal-RIP

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Nice article from the Montreal Gazette on MSN:

Bob Wetenhall was a really generous guy.

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Sometimes a CFL team turns a profit and sometimes it doesn't and as much as the fans may stay through thick and thin it's the owners who write the checks and keep things running. I'm thankful that Mr Wetenhall steered the Alouettes to and through it's strongest ever era. He endured several years with a stadium too small to truly profit from his team's relentless success. He spearheaded the stadium expansion and was patient with years of delays (apparently mostly over a handful of neighborhood trees). Then when he finally got the park expanded (which he in no small part funded himself) Calvillo retired and the Alouettes' dominance faded and the crowds dropped. Still, he kept the team running strong financially through it all. Wetenhall was a pillar of strength for pro football in Canada.

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