CFL Statement on the Elks-Argonauts game on Thursday

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League has released the following statement:

“The Canadian Football League is postponing this Thursday’s game in Toronto between the Toronto Argonauts and Edmonton Elks after receiving word earlier today that a number of Elks players have tested positive for COVID-19. This is in keeping with the standard of care for COVID-19 and professional sport. It also reflects our desire to put the health and safety of our players, coaches and staff – as well as public health – above all other considerations.

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Damn non vaxers


Good boys Edm should forfeit the game and lose paychecks for breaking COVID protocols

Did they break COVID-19 protocol?

Please keep in mind a breakout can occur on any team, without knowing where the contract came from I would hate to judge anyone.


Wegotthecup 3 months later welostthecup

Farhan Lalji said they could try rescheduling the game in October when both teams have a bye.

Only possible date there would be October18, but that would mean minimal rest between games. Edmonton would have played on October 15 against Winnipeg. Toronto's closest game would be on October 22 against Montreal. If the teams cannot reschedule, an Edmonton forfeit may happen.

I see that date too. They could push the Toronto Montreal game from Friday to Sunday to give more time between games for the Argos.

Then if they need to fulfil the TV contract for an FNF game Sask Calgary could move from Sat nite dbl header to Fri.

When will all the stupid people around the world realize that even fully vaxed can and will test positive?


I though these situations was to result in a forfeit?

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This is a statement of hatred assigning blame to a group without justification. The statement by "Football You Bet" does not follow the community guidelines - the writer has engaged in unjust discrimination against those people who choose for whatever reason to not get the experimental shots, so "Football You Bet"'s comments should be removed from the comments section.


I disagree. I believe that free speech applies equally whether I agree with the statement or not. Anti vaxxers get censored all the time, not just here, so pro vaxxers shouldn't get censored either.


Kinda harsh? Not sure who you cheer for, but my statement was to de escalate rather then to elevate negative comments towards any team or player regarding the covid outbreak.

BTW if Wpg loses the Grey Cup it would be 25 months later not 3. Math isn't your strong point.
Please have a good evening.


Why not next Tuesday or Wednesday? Both have Monday games for LD

Tuesday or Wednesday would work if the Elks are cleared in time, it might be too soon.

I'm selfishly crossing my fingers for a fall reschedule though, I melt like Frosty the Snowman in the summer. :laughing:

yes, but when those who refuse to vaccinate cause numbers to go up a lot, then we will also get more of those vaccinated sick or testing positive as well. Shouldnt be hard to figure out

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without justification? Do you not realize that the overwhelming majority of todays covid numbers are not vaccinated?

As long as things are as they are now, continually getting worse, we will no doubt see many other games have problems.

I never expect this "season" to go as well as hoped.

Dear FootballYouBet, The original statement you made blamed people who are unvaccinated for a specific event. It was unjustified blame. You do not know who or what caused this event. Your unjustified condemnation arouses hatred against this group whether they are responsible or not. That it discrimination. It against the guidelines that we are given for commenting on articles. It is not responsible to blame someone based on general, non-specific information.



Awwww maaaan, this suuuucks. But I hope everyone is alright and this doesn't affect anybody's family. Go Elks whoooo :green_heart::yellow_heart:


It might be an comment made without any substantial facts to back it up, but I will point out that about 75% of covid cases these days are in unvaccinated people. It's not unreasonable to assume that a higher % of people vaccinated would reduce the odds of this kind of spread happening.