CFL statement on COVID-19 testing results

TORONTO — Between Weeks 6 and 11 of the CFL season, the league administered approximately 14,200 COVID-19 tests to Tier 1 personnel, which includes players, coaches and support staff.

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It is the C.F.L.'s obligation to let the public know how many of their teams players are vaccinated. The fans who PAY for the tickets to attend games have a right to know. The C.F.L. should not be hiding their numbers. It will end up affecting their attendance numbers. The C.F.L. is accountable to their fans!

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I disagree with you.
players have rights just as you do.

Would you want the company you work for to publish your medical/marital status?

You can attend or not. That is your right.

Why? So you all can show up and shame people over a vaccine?


No fan in the stands can catch anything from any player on the field or sideline. Any player who tries to interact with fans will be fined (Greg Ellingson). In order to transmit droplets on breath you pretty much have to be in a closed space. A stadium, even a domed one is far too large to be a risk. If anything, your best chance to catch anything form anyone is in the washroom and you will not be interacting with players there. So there is absolutely no reason for you to know any player's vaccination status. It's all good. :+1:


I NEVER said OR implied that. WHAT is wrong with some of you people?! (Anti-vaxxers who don't care about others?!) In case you have not heard many people who have been vaccinated got Covid AGAIN! Unfortunately just because a person is vaccinated does NOT 100% guarantee that a person can not catch Covid-19 again! That sucks but it IS happening. Those are the FACTS. Let us hope Covid is cured soon.

Yes, BUT unfortunately the true crummy FACT is that people can still unknowingly transmit Covid to one another, vaccinated or not! It absolutely does NOT mean that a team has to release the name of any of its' players, even though that IS happening with some players. I personally do not need to know the name of a player but fans have a right to know about teams' situations! I.E.: the WPG Jets & Edm. Elks recently announced players on their teams who tested positive for Covid.

WHAT is wrong with you?! I NEVER said OR suggested that! No one needs to be shamed. But game attending, paying, fans have a right to know what is going on. Many teams in the C.F.L., N H.L., etc, have already released (by their OWN choice) names of players & coaches who tested positive for Covid-19! Seriously good gosh wake up!

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Why do we have a right to know?

Well if you test positive, you have to be out of the lineup. I suppose that they COULD say that he's out of the lineup but the reason is secret, but then we'd all know why anyways.

Covid cannot spread from the field to the stands. In fact the chances of covid spreading from fan to fan IN the stands is microscopicly low.

In my previous workplace, one of my-coworkers delivered breakfast tray to a client who was covid-positive. We consulted the health authority Vancouver Coastal Health (the ones in charge of ALL covid measures in our city) as to whether my coworker needed to self isolate. They said, in order to be at risk for transmission one "needed to be in the same enclosed room without masks for at least 15 minutes". Simply opening the door and handing a tray of breakfast meant that she was considered zero-risk and no further measures taken, and this was before there were any vaccines available so no one was vaxed.

So, if you are in the first row outside, several meters from the players bench you are at zero-risk of transmission from players whether they are 0% or 100% vaccinated. You don't need to know. It's all good. :+1:

Which then brings into question why you need a mask when walking through a shopping mall. Pretty dumb.

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Maybe you should ask yourself that question. Have a good day.

You have a right to see the papers of the Walmart greeter too? Good grief

Wow, you sure told me! Your comments just keep getting more 'intellectual', don't they? B-bye buddy.

I appreciate your valid, constructive viewpoints. (Too bad some other people here can't post constructive mature comments) Not looking to argue. YES thank you I AM aware that transmission from players on a field/playing area to the fans is 0.001% risk. That's common sense.

Trying to ignore the imaginary covid virus circulating during this thread presentation I admit to being pro-vaccine but also respect the right of those acting on poor or dishonest information to avoid the vax. The consequence of ignorance will often be danger - and thats not a good thing. The NBA, NFL & NHL have been leaders in posting vaccine percentage information. Players like Kyrie Irving who refuse the shoulder prick are hurting their own teams and teammates while acting out a street hustle.
Taking vaccines is far safer than exposing oneself and one's families to a virus thats killed over 750,000 Americans and nearly 30,000 canadians.
Its called being a leader - A ROLE MODEL.
The NFL, NHL & NBA are ROLE MODELS in promoting vaccines. Simply put, they're just trying to make our environment safer. We need the CFL to follow suit - even if the CFLPA has immense power in the debate!


and don't forget the flu vax - The World Health Organization estimates that 290,000 to 650,000 people die of flu-related causes every year.

Yes that is correct but knowing what teams have met the threshold changes nothing

Well that depends on what you mean

Should a team announce who is vaccinated? No. I see no need for that
Should the announce how many? I have no problem with that....
And I am pro-vax pro-vaxpassport

You are right! in Ontario you must show proof of vaccine to get into a restaurant, bar or gym. But there are no requirements for employees to prove they are vaccinated. The greeter or the person asking you for your status and ID in a restaurant may not be vaxxed, your server doesn't have to be vaxxed and the chef preparing your meal doesn't have to be vaxxed.

But some people think that football players on a field with no contact with the public should be allowed to see the player's vax status?? doesn't make sense.
Maybe when a law comes out that everyone serving the public must be vaxxed then there may be an argument for the status of players vaccination status. But right now it's really none of our business which player or how many player's are vaxxed.

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