CFL statement on COVID-19 testing results

TORONTO — The Canadian Football League (CFL) today released the following statement on COVID-19 testing:

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It would be interesting if they could show results Canadian vs American.

10 positive CFL players in latest round
Will not ID individual players as a matter or policy

Though of course this is not a bad policy, during the season it won't work when affected players all of a sudden are not playing.

They can facilitate such a policy just fine now.

It's a relief that the percentage testing positive is just that low.

As noted, false positives are not uncommon so of course it is not wise to leap to conclusions on any one player until confirmed.

So yesterday via Lalji of TSN, as attributed here via this article, shares a bit more information.
5 of the 10 tests indicating positive were done in the US, presumably for Americans. 1 was verified positive, but 3 have been indicated to be false positives including for Deon Lacey as was reported earlier I have learned.

The other 1 of those 5 is still being examined, so that leaves 5 tests indicating positive as were administered in Canada.