CFL statement on CFLPA's ratification of CBA

TORONTO — The CFL has released the following statement:

“We are pleased that players have now ratified a new collective bargaining agreement between the CFL and CFLPA. The CFL’s Board of Governors will conduct its ratification vote shortly. We look forward to a successful season — including pre-season games this weekend — and a long and productive partnership with our players.”

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I am very happy to hear this good news. I hope our players will be treated with respect - and that there will be an increase in the number of Canadian players. Looking forward to the 2022 season!


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Game On

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Yaaaaaaah! Seven years of PA bliss and CFL riches! Now our guys can afford to pay attention! :partying_face:

It’s good news. Hopefully everyone is happy. Win-win stuff. Players still have too much imo. From what I can gather. Happy if they are content though. That’s what matters. Smiles all around fir everybody. Including the fans who pay all of them. Next time invite sone fans to the room. We will fix the garbage. Lol.

Perhaps I've mis-understood some of this agreement. Did they not take away one Canadian from the starting seven and replace him by an American, who can be considered Cdn blah, blah blah.....

Glad that we are going to have a season. Wish more pre-season games were televised though. Argos and Redblacks is the only TV game tonight in my area. Don't see any for tomorrow.

Nothing really changes. Players have $2500 to spend and life goes on.

I do not see the agreement as an indication of a partnership in any way other than to get on with the game.

CFL has work to do with it's fan base imo. We'll see how that goes.

Its disgraceful that they once again limited Canadian players. Commissioner and all management should be ashamed of themselves,I think a new commissioner is in order. I believe this is what Wally Buono meant when he recently stated there was not enough adults in the room ,that many teams management had no experience,had no idea what they were doing. They should have asked people like Russ Jackson and Bob Obilovich,even Doug Flutie what they thought.

Also sick of Randy O bringing his personal politics in,assuming everybody shares his politics,he was a Canadian player and should resign

This is happy news to wake up to. I'll do a little happy Porky dance when the rest of my body wakes up.

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Don't stand next to anyone when you do that Porky. :grin:


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It's worth dancing over(in private, of course, I dance as well as I sing😲). I viewed strike action as potentially fatal to a pretty fragile league. The CFL is skating on ice that's pretty thin, & a strike could have been the death knell. A bullet of epic proportions dodged. Whew!

No teams can start a minimum of 8 Canadian, with the option of the eight Canadian, being a naturalized American.

I always use my super powers to dodge the 'bullets of epic proportions'. The smaller ones don't worry me so much.

Up Up and AWAAAAAY!!!

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Go stamps go!!

See, now I'm confused. I see it as 6 Cdns will always start and 49% of the time you can have that designated American, sloted as a Cdn. I see it as less playing time overall for true Canadians. I'm happy for the deal but I want to see us keep it Canadian as much as possible.

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The CFL missed the boat! .... They should have had a new agreement ratified a few months ago, instead of at the last minute. 2 years, one with no games and a 2nd with limited games, had fans ready for an all out forget the bullshit that just happened with C-19 years and lets hit the ground running at full speed ahead to start the season...... but no, they started with a downer and extended it for a month or so and basically said, once again, to hell with the fans that support this league......they have made this league irrelevant to a growing population of once fans and I know I will receive replies that will say to hell with you, if you don't like this league, we don't need you, so go...but here's the thing ...the ones that say that and the league as well, DO need me and the others that are saying the same thing as I am, nothing is as depressing as a 50,000 seat stadium with 12,000 people in it...nothing is as bad as merchandise that is not selling...nothing is as bad as no one talking about the games. Do you think that TSN is going to give a league more money in the future for games that are losing their audience? While the CFL is getting rid of the fans that once showed up at the games, bought their merchandise and talked about the games for a week after at the water cooler, the CFL is also slowly, insidiously, getting rid of the TRUE Canadian players.

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Yeesh, nothing is as depressing as reading what you just wrote!

The CBA is signed, its game on for 7 freaking years