CFL Statement on Briles hiring...

Interesting contrast to the Q&A Mitchell gave to 3D where he seemed sure fire confident the league was behind the move. Which I believe him that they were, I think they just absolute misjudged the impact this would have and are now reconsidering. Either way the Cats look like buffoons, as per usual.


TORONTO — The Canadian Football League released the following statement Monday afternoon regarding the Hamilton Tiger-Cats hiring of Art Briles:
“The Commissioner is in continuing discussions with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats regarding the hiring of Art Briles as a coach. We will have no further comment until those discussions have concluded.?

The league and ticats have messed up so badly. Diversity is obviously not our strength.

I'm not sure he should be allowed to work in Canada,
He is still facing lawsuits.

I am pretty sure the CFL knew what was happening. I just think they under estimated the power of social media. The commissioner was getting bombarded with tweets on his account.

Regardless of the exact degree of Briles' culpability in the Baylor scandal, I don't want to have to defend the Ticats on this. Hopefully Ambrosie is getting enough nation-wide pressure to motivate him to intervene.

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t aware of anything with him…I don’t think I’d ever heard of him.

I have a tendency to side with Scott Mitchell on this. The guy has no criminal record and there is more to the story.

WE DON’T know the whole story.

I’m willing to sit back and give the guy a break.

Can we just take a minute to appreciate this post.

"The cfl has no right to get involved"

Am i the only one not making any sense of this?

Also since when does a coach have a "right" to be in a league. Nobody has a "right" to be a coach in the cfl.

Im just feeding the troll though so ill stop now.

People convicted of a crime are not allowed into the country. People found liable in a civil action are allowed. So are people facing a lawsuit, and people who have been fired from a job.

I'm not saying he should have been hired. I don't think he should have been. Most feel similarly. Some disagree. But there is no basis for preventing him from entering Canada or getting a job here. Notoriety and potential lawsuits are not enough reason to bar a person. Criminal convictions are, but that is not the case here.