CFL statement on allegation of violence against LGBTQ2S+ community member

Yeah, that sounds like enough to ruin someone's life

I think the suspension is about the only thing the team could do at this point. The allegation is there whether he was a football player or not. But the fact that he is a pro athlete calls attention to him and to the Redblacks. If they did nothing or publicly supported him, they would be hounded with questions about it and with it being Pride Month it gets even greater attention and scrutiny.
If they cut him and later the allegations are found to be false, looks bad on the team and seems that they would not go to bat and support one of their players. This is about the only thing they can do. I would hope they contacted the player and questioned him about his alleged involvement and stated their position on the suspension. I think that is fair and would have to think that Larsen would understand this.

You have to know it is human nature to presume guilt when someone is being investigated. And the more ugly the crime, the greater the likelihood of this happening. Whether that is fair or not doesn’t really matter, some people’s opinions have formed one way or the other as soon as they hear it. Lets let the investigations play out and not jump to any conclusions.

Someone was beaten unconscious. They could have died if they were left there alone. Not the same as you pissed me off so I make you lose your job. I don’t think glibness or minimizing the victims suffering is adding any good feelings to the world.

Assumptions about what took place have no bearing on the reality of the event. It’s being investigated by the police, I’m comfortable letting them take care of this and then eventually the courts if there is any evidence. It seems unlikely that he would be investigated or suspended if there wasn’t compelling evidence that he was at least there, but that’s an assumption on my part, and again, has no bearing on the reality. Unfortunately the system that we use to investigate crime isn’t as nuanced as the lives we live and it doesn’t take in all of the complexities of every event, but I much prefer that when someone is attacked that an investigation take place, rather than not investigating something in order to protect someone who is only alleged to have been involved. Crime occurs, crime is investigated, hopefully without consideration for the status or job title of the accused, and then conclusions are made which either exonerate the accused party, or charges are laid. Then the accused would go to court or be processed through the system in some way.

In terms of burden of proof, if the CFL proposed to suspend or eject someone I would absolutely hope that they would be in a position where they would be required to provide reasons for that decision and also proof to support those reasons. I only mean to say that the CFL isn’t bound to the BNA or our Canadian legal standards, it has its own standards. For all I know the CFL’s standards could be more rigorous than the courts, but I have a feeling, again an assumption, that their burden for proof in the case of termination of a contract or suspension is below the standard of the Canadian legal system.

I chose not to consider him guilty until he’s proven guilty, I chose to remain calm and avoid polarizing hyperbole and mixed metaphors, I chose to not make this event be about my worldview, but instead to hope to know the truth.

And again, I chose to pray for the recovery of the victim in this case who, again, was beaten unconscious.

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So they why was he cut?

What do you think an investigation is?
He was accused and he was suspended! No proof was given other than the word of the accuser

Poor them.....

And you know that how? They dont have to provide proof

Irrelevant,,,AND POINTLESS

Suspension in CFL terms means nothing. A couple players who participated in the Spring League were considered suspended. Suspension is also used when drafted players do not make the team and return to school for their final year which is what happened to Larsen in 2019.

The league stated that Larsen was suspended pending an investigation which is basically says this is a PR move. Think about it. What does being suspended in the off-season mean anyway considering nobody is in camp or is getting paid right now?

Before the completion of their investigation by the authorities, we have no idea what exactly happened. Who said what? Who did what? Who threw the 1st punch? Anyway as far as the CFL goes, I would guess that Larsen will be ineligible to be signed by any CFL team if he is involved in the incident in even a minor role. It would not even have to reach the level of criminal or civil responsibility.

So what if they were playing, suspended means he doe not play...he does not get paid...he does not improve as a player

But was he involved? That is the entire point!

It's never right to beat anybody up, but we don't even know circumstances, maybe the guy tried to pick up the player?

As for all this embracing the LGBLT lifestyle as Comm Randy basically asks? What does homophobia even mean? If you happen to believe in The Holy Bible as I do does that make me homophobic? Is The Canadian Football League coming out against Christianity ? Are they at war with Bible Believing Christians?

I am offended by CFL logo drenched in rainbow colors, why are they involved in this?

Long time CFL fan as well as a Bible believing Christian, when we embrace all this LGBT stuff we are guilty of indoctrinating children into freakish homosexual lifestyles, I do not approve , and don't appreciate CFL pushing it all

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So. . . you believe that homosexuals are death-deserving abominations? Really?

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Show me where they are pushing anything

You watch football?
MMMM The bible says that anyone who works on a Sunday should be put to death.
Why are you supporting them by watching?

Are they?
But if they support Bible supporting Christians,, then they are at war with Jews, Muslims, Hindus Buddhists' Pastafarians Scientologists .....Are you ok with that?

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Still think that way, or is there a mea culpa coming?

Nope. There just was a lack of evidence for a charges to stick. Larsen put himself in that situation. He should have stayed away for the partying and get ready for football, if he has a job to get back to

So guilty regardless of what happens?
Police would not confirm that he was even ever a suspect? And he is still guilty to you?
Can you no accept the fact that sometimes accused
are actually innocent?
Can you not understand how lives are ruined by things like this?

Tell that to Leonard Peltier

Is that the guy who was beat up? Sorry its irrelevant and does not answer the question

a gay person making a pass at you is absolutely no justification for violence, or even insults. Just say NO

No that is not the who is he?

Ok I looked it up! What does he have to do with anythng?

Native American accused tried and convicted of killing FBI agents in 1975.

Admits participating in a shootout with them but denies killing them.

He's a bit of a cause celebre among native activists.

So apparently Dave assumes his innocence, something he does not assume with Larsen.

Yeah I looked him up
I have no idea what Dave is getting at.. I cant see him arguing innocence when he confessed...A few others here would though