CFL statement on allegation of violence against LGBTQ2S+ community member

TORONTO — The CFL released the following statement on Wednesday:

“The CFL is aware of violence against a LGBTQ2S+ community member, and the allegation that has been made against Chris Larsen, an Ottawa REDBLACKS player. The REDBLACKS, who have a strong track record of opposing violence and advocating for inclusion, have said they are suspending Larsen pending further information as a result of the investigation. We too take this allegation very seriously and look forward to the outcome. In the meantime, we want to reaffirm our values: We condemn homophobia, violence and hate. We support inclusivity and diversity. We are partners with You Can Play, the non profit organization committed to advancing inclusion in sport, which has conducted training for our football operations and our office staff in recent years. More needs to be done and we will continue to stand with the LGBTQ2S+ community.”

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Just cut the guy. He ain't worth the trouble.

All people have the right to live their life the way they want to. My cousin came years ago. We still love her and wanted her and her life partner be a part of our family and lives. She's always the same girl that we know growing up together and her courage to be true to herself is too be admired

Cue some alleged 'first time posters' to start complaining about this thread. . .

Sounds like Chris posted here recently ...

CFL, keep digging yourself deeper and deeper.

Innocent until proven guilty

Yes, we don't know what he said or if it's second hand stuff.
"Social media allegations of an assault"

Or if he said anything or did anything

That applies in a court of Law. On the football field. is another matter. If he violated a off season behavior/performance clause, then he gets cut.

The Bombers cut Travis Rudolph after he killed someone a couple of months ago, they didn't wait for the legal process. The Bombers got rid of a player that embarrassed the club public relation wise and have moved on.

The Elks, the then E*****s cut a player for making homophobic statements on Twitter last year.

The RedBlacks can't afford a PR disaster when the team is rebuilding and expected to not make the playoffs this season. Keeping Larson ain't worth it

Did he?
That is what innocent until proven guilty means

He got suspended. That is one step from on being cut to me. It doesn't look good for the team and the league during Pride month. The Edmonton Elks made precedent when they cut Christion Jones last year. He is good as gone from the team. I don't hear the PA backing him up

I don't care....innocent until proven guilty1

They will, they have too

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Let me ask you this!
if this was Ray a few years back, or BLM or any other big name. Do you think they would have been suspended or cut on the spot? After all. it does not look good for the team

Do you want a guy like that on the ALs. I don't want a bigot on the team.

Ray and Mitchell are mature rational men while Larsen is an immature punk. Larsen is s done as a CFL player. No use in crying for an homophobic idiot

Why do you continue to ignore the fact that he is innocent until proven guilty?
How do you know he is a bigot?
Right now, there is no proof that he did ANYTHING wrong! NONE!

That does not answer the question, Actually it does!

And you base that on what? DO you have ANY proof is actualy happened? You are ready to throw away a persons livelyhood over what could be....again I will say could be a lie?
People do lie you know...happens all the time!
Maybe the "Victum" was Rejected by Larsen and this is he way if getting back...or he figures that Larson had big buck and he can get some from him!

It has happened many times in the past! Why do you insist on throwing away Larson with ZERO prof!
There are people in this world who make a living by suing people

The ACCUSED has to prove Larson did it. Larson does not have to prove he didn't

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All we know is that there was a fight and a person was beaten.
We don't know who started it. Did Larson attack and beat this other person? Did the other guy start the fight? Did Larson know he was gay and picked on him?
If a fight starts and a gay guy beats a straight guy up, is that a crime?
If a fight starts and a gay guy gets beaten up it's a hate crime

Yes they would suspend Larson pending more information.

At this point we know neither

Was Larson even there?

They did suspend him and that was wrong! Innocent until proven guilty. Now if you meant Ray, No why would they suspend him..And if they did people who be defending him till the bitter end!
Just look at what Dave said...Ray and Burris never do it and Larson is a bigot!

Everyone is innocent until proven guilty

When they talk about allegations made on social media they’re at least talking about a thread I’ve seen that shares an online conversation a friend of his who was there had with someone close to the victim after the assault. This thread is still public I believe so you can see for yourself if you search for it. It seems to prove he was there and involved the nature of his involvement I leave up to the investigators.

It’s far from proof but it certainly raised enough doubt for an official investigation to be launched by the police. I think that suspending someone while they are being investigated for a hate crime is entirely appropriate, the implication being that removal from the team will only happen if evidence surfaces to implicate him.

I think the burden of proof for the CFL might be much less than for our court system, especially in an age when we are trying to improve everyone’s lives through acceptance and compassion.

The person who was assaulted was beaten unconscious and abandoned by his attackers. It may have been a hate motivated crime. This is far too complicated to reduce to simple platitudes about justice.

Let’s be calm and watch and wait and pray for the victims recovery.

Read all the articles in the Toronto papers and everything about the attack came from the victim Gomez. He said one attacker was black with dreadlocks 220 pounds, a 180 pound woman and a thin white guy.
They need to get witnesses

Its not for the CFL to prove anything! That is the problem...

He is innocent until proven guilty and should shuffer ZERO punishment until he is proven guilty! ZERO
How this has to be explained over and over again is breath taking!
What if he is innocent!
His career should be ruined...his life should be ruined because the victim was wrong or is lying?

Why do we even have a court system if al it takes is
the word of one person, credible or not!

You really want to live in a society where if you piss me off, I cant make you lose your job, your reputation and spend some time in jail and then say...Oops, my bad!

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