CFL Standings

wins loses Next OPP wk
Montreal 3 0 100% Winnipeg 5
Toronto 2 1 67% Winnipeg 4
Winnipeg 1 2 33% Toronto 4
Hamilton 0 4 0% Calgary 5
BC 2 1 67% Edmonton 4
Calgary 2 1 67% Sask 4
Sask 1 1 50% Calgary 4
Edmonton 1 2 33% BC 4

I seem to have missed your point?

I am sure most of us can find the standings on this site??

plus winnipeg is 2-1 and toronto is 1-2.

Look like a new guy. Let's be nice.

I just figure he must have had a point he forgot to mention?

Probably not. :lol: Maybe he just doesn't know the standings are on the front page.

must resist.... can't post my standings... must resist urge to post... standings.... power very strong.... KK need help...

KK need there's an understatement.....

And how long until that becomes part of someone’s sig line?

always reliable I see, jm02. :wink:

I think this is the first time in a month that you posted on your own, and not back up some one else post against me.

and the beat goes on
and the beat goes on

If that's the case, KK, then maybe you should start to realise that there is a consensus amongst the posters on here regarding our opinions of yourself.

I think you should start talking more about football (making topics, etc) and less about backing up other posters opinions and/or picking on others

that's all I'm saying.

yes, I made that to be made fun of, but unlike the others, I have seen very little football talk from you.

pick up the football talk girl, that's what this site is here for.

heck, 90% or my post are about sports.

And I think you should start posting more sense, and less crap. I've seen very little sense from you.

I not going to deny that, but it is on topic of sports or football, even my rule changes, as radical as they are, are on the topic of football.

You know , KK, that jm has the respect of most of the posters here, and most of the posters have little or no respect for you. A little advice KK, whining about people picking on you, is making people lose the little respect that they might have had for you.

Ahh, but the question of "radical" is in the eyes of the beholder. In the eyes of this fan, such rule changes are blasphemous to the game. I don't mind a little tweaking here and there, but the "novelties of (such) self-indulgent overrated crap" is about as rational as Wettenhal's plan to expand to the U.S. market again. It was a mistake before, and thankfully it failed.

Applying such muddled thinking to the rule book would make the league seem more "bush" than the time Ottawa drafted the dead guy. The game is good as it is now. The last thing we need is some nonsensical jibberish-spewing individual tampering with what's going right and modifying it to the extent where the league becomes a bigger farce than if Lonie Gooberman was the surprise winner of the "new commish" race.

To modify the words of Pink Floyd, "Hey, KK, leave our game alone!"

to Chester who said "what the hell is a non import" (a new comer I guess)

you call that respect?

I think I'd call that an answer.

"someone who is a Canadian, therefore an non import"

that's a respectful answer.

mind you, I was a bit rough with Sambo the first time he posted, but I pmed him to say I was playing with him a bit.