CFL standings.....

...anyone know where I can find them?.......provide a link please if you don't mind.......

thanks in advance... 8)

Yup. The CFL website.

[url=] ... user_pre=N[/url]


maybe if maas was cut this team would improve in the standings

Sour grapes about getting cut after your preseason game, Shawn? :wink:

if i was shawn king i wouldnt be on this website, plus shawn king is garbage, it is typical flase hope hamilton always does when they bring subpar QBs in here.

Sorry, Mr. Butler.

Jesus H. Christ…all I asked was where I could find the CFL standings because Ticats.Ca standings stopped at the pre-season games…what has this got to do with Maas?..

…no wonder people stop posting here…crikey!!


sigpig, you kill me!

Mikey, we should be used to trolling by now. This site needs full time moderators. It's busy enough.

Mikey...2 shots Lamb's Navy, 2 ice cubes, 2 oz Coke, find it helps if you are on this site. Enjoy

Forget the ice and coke.


Harrr Matey! DID you ever sail the oggin? Up Spirits....